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600w-water cooling system


Simulation module & Simulation Results

Fundamental Specification

Simulation model : 

fsw water cooling  ,600w the second solution

Water cooling plate size:616X146X24mm

Material :AL

environment temperature:35 ℃    (assumption)

fluid:deionized water

rate of flow:10 LPM

Inlet and outlet pressure difference:25 kpa (FYI)

 Inlet water temperature:23 ℃

 outlet water temperature:24.3 ℃

 total heat source:600W  Each 200W

Heating area:See the next page


environment temperature : 35 ℃ 

inlet water  temperature:23 ℃

fluid:deionized water

total heat source:600W  

rate of flow:10 LPM

outlet water temperature:24.3 ℃

Maximum surface temperature of water cooling 27.2 ℃

Compare the original model with a drop of about 3 ℃


Simulated test with 3D

Simulated test with 3D

Water passages diagram

Thermal analysis
inlet water  temperature:23 ℃
Maximum surface temperature of water cooling 27.2 ℃ (Is equal to the maximum temperature of the heating source contact water cooling panel)

Thermal analysis 600W
Water passages temperature profile

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