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Air Cooling

Forced air cooling

Air cooling is a way of cooling, that is, air as a medium to cool the heat source that needs to be cooled. Forced air cooling is a way to realize the cooling of heat source parts by increasing the flow of air. It is usually to increase the surface area of the heat source parts to be cooled, or to speed up the flow rate of air through the object per unit time, or to share the two methods. These two methods can achieve good heat dissipation performance. The former can increase the heat dissipation area by adding heat sinks on the surface of the heat source. Usually, the heat sinks are hung outside the heat source or firmly fixed on the heat source to make the heat dissipation more efficient. The latter is that fans (wind turbines) can be used to enhance ventilation and enhance the cooling effect. In general, fans with heat sink can greatly improve the cooling efficiency.

Forced air cooling heat sink is often used in internal combustion engine cooling, we can seeoutside of internal combustion engine on a car or motorcycle there are fins and an exhaust guard for forced air cooling, the fins are designed to increase the cooling area, and the exhaust guard is used to strengthen the air flow on the surface of the internal combustion engine so that  engine cooling fas to guarantee the normal operation.

In recent years, LORI thermal has strengthened the research and development of the application of forced air cooling technology, and realized the application of forced air cooling for the heat dissipation of wind energy converters, Suppressorsphotovoltaic inverters, Rectifiers,Regulator,SVG and other high power product. The air cooling heat sink structions have high power skived heatsink+ fan or high power skived heat sink+ heat pipe, which can greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

  1. Air cooling + extruded heat sink

  2. Air cooling + bonded fin heat sink

  3. Air cooling +skived fin heat sink

  4. Air cooling +heat pipe heat sink

  5. Air cooling + zipper fin heat sink

Forced Air Cooling Solution 

920w Air Cooling Heat Sink With Heat Pipe For IGBT

Environment temperature:45c

Material:baseAL6063-T5 + FIN AL5052

Heatsink Size:700.0 mm in width x 400.0 mm in length x 137 mm in height

Base thickness:19mm 

Fin thickness:1.5mm 112 fins                       

Heat pipe: 6pcs with 8mm diameter heat pipes at the bottom

Fan: 3pcs 14051-fans 

3900W Air Cooling Heat Sink With Heat Pipe For IGBT

Ambient temperature : 40℃

Analysis of customer supply model

IGBT heat sink material:AL6061- T6

Fin:zipper fin                    FIN thickness : 0.6mm   ,total 166 ps 

Fin Material : AL 1050

Use 5 heat pipes, the heat pipe is sandwiched between fin sheet and bottom plate

heat sink size:  512X230X125mm 

Fan specifications:SANYO 9G1212HG105 12CM 12V 0.98A  , 4pcs fans

Air volume:135CFM           Wind pressure:125PA 

Heat value of heat source:3900w

Two fin design structures :Open and close


1600w Air Cooling Heat Sink For Led

Heat pipe: 8 heatpipe module,  D 8mm heat pipe

AL fin thickness:0.8mm   99fins

environment temperature:25 °C 

fan : 8038 FAN 

Air flow: 105 CFM

LED heat source:1600w      

70w Air Cooling Heat Sink With Heatpipe 

Heat pipe: 6mm heat pipe x 6 pcs

AL fin thinkness:0.5mm x 92 fins

heat sink size :171 x128x215mm

fan 12025 

CFM  170 CFM

air pressure 2.12 inchH2O

simulated  temperature:25 ℃

Size of the heat source:40x40mm

heat source:70w


Custom Air Cooling Heat Sink Available

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