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Cpu heat sink

 Cpu heat sink

What is a CPU heat sink?

Heat sink is a kind of device to cooling the electrical appliances in the electrical components easy to heat, mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass or bronze plate, plate, multiple, such as computer CPU ( central processor) use large cpu heatsink computer heat sink, television power tube, line tube, power amplifier in the amplifier tube all need use heatsink. In general, heat sinks should be coated with a layer of heat-conducting silicone grease on the contact surface between electronic components and heat sinks in use, so that the heat emitted by the components can more effectively conduct to the heat sinks and send out to the surrounding air through the heat sinks. CPU at work will produce a lot of heat, if you do not send out the heat in time, light will lead to a crash, heavy may burn the CPU, the CPU heat sink is used to CPU cooling. heat sink plays a decisive role in stable operation of CPU. It is very important to choose and buy a good heat sink when assembling computer.

Cpu heat sink design and manufacture

CPU heat sink main body consists of heat sink and fan, because the heat sink is directly in contact with the surface of the CPU, so its heat conduction ability to a large extent affects the overall heat dissipation effect. Heat sink material on market at present is in the majority with aluminum alloy, in fact, aluminum is not the metal with best coefficient of thermal conductivity, Silver worked best, followed by copper and aluminum.

All copper heat sink with better thermal conductivity
All copper heat sink with better thermal conductivity
But silver is expensive, copper is bulky, and aluminum is light, both in heat and weight, so aluminum is widely used as a cooling material for electronic parts. You can choose the alloy material with high content of "copper" or "silver", so that the heat conduction effect will be greatly enhanced.
A heat sink with copper heat pipes
A heat sink with copper heat pipes
It is best to choose heatsink with heat pipes. Heat pipe has high thermal conductivity, good isotherm, heat transfer area on both sides of heat and cold can be arbitrarily changed, long-distance heat transfer, temperature control and other advantages. Heat pipe mainly use the evaporation and condensation of working fluid to transfer heat. (the working fluid of heat pipe covers from helium and nitrogen applied at low temperature to liquid metals such as sodium and potassium applied at high temperature. The common working fluids of heat pipe are ammonia, water, carbinol and so on. Compared with traditional metal heatsinks, heat pipe heatsinks have the advantages of low noise and high efficiency, and the price of heat pipe heatsinks is getting cheaper with the continuous mature and large-scale production and application of the technology.
Cpu cooling ways

CPU heat dissipation ways are divided into two: one is passive heat dissipation, the other one is active heat dissipation.

1. Passive heat sink: The so-called passive heat sink, that is, without the use of other auxiliary materials, the heat sink carries heat away from the chip through its contact with the chip, but thanks to technological advances, computers are now equipped with increasingly complex parts, And parts of the instantaneous heat far more than before, if only passive heat sink is far from meeting the needs of the CPU.

2. Air cooling: Air cooling is currently the most common and the highest adoption rate of an active cooling method, this can solve our computer daily cooling needs, so air cooling is widely used. The internal structure of air cooled heatsink is simpler, and the price is moderate, the performance is safer. But it also exists a bit defect, which cannot be lowered below room temperature, and there is noise because the fan is turning.

3. Water cooled heatsink: The principle of water cooled heatsink is to use water to replace air and conduct heat between heat sinks through the movement of water. The water is drawn out from the water storage device by the pump, and the heat exchanger is carried out by covering the CPU with the water pipe for continuous circulation. The effect of water cooling heatsink is very good, more suitable for some computer users who often overclock.

4. Liquid cooling heatsink: Liquid cooling is the same as water cooling, and the same way. But the flow of liquid is thermal conductivity silicone oil rather than water. And the advantage of using thermal conductivity silicone oil is that it in the circulation system damage caused by the outflow of silicone oil will not lead to the damage of computer hardware.

Cpu air cooled heat sink benefits

1. Good conductivity

Gold and silver have the best thermal conductivity, but the price is too high, I believe no one will use to do heat sink, pure copper heat sink effect is second, but has been very good, is not there a lot of articles to improve the heat sink with copper to accelerate heat transfer? However, copper also has disadvantages, such as high cost, heavy weight and corrosion resistance. So most of the heat sink is lightsome solid aluminum is used to make, in that aluminum alloy should be the best heat conduction, most professional audio power amplifier of heat sink is aluminium alloy, CPU air cooled heat sink also use aluminium alloy, such as foxconn heat sink, TT turbine heat sink, etc., some of the less known and inferior brand heat sink using pure aluminum heat sink, the heat conduction effect of pure aluminum is very general, quality of a material is very light, with finger guitar sound than when aluminium alloy is ringing. However, the price is cheap. The air cooled heat sink of this kind of heat sink is easy to damage the CUP with high heat. Unfortunately, many people still use it because it is easy to come and many of them are given as gifts.To accelerate heat transfer, it is recommended to use heat conducting silicone grease. No matter how close the solids are to each other, they will leave tiny gaps, and heat will transfer slowly. Air is so heat conducting that it needs to be filled in with heat conducting silicone grease, which speeds up the transfer of heat. High quality heat conducting silicone grease does not dry out, and the heat-conducting effect is very good. Heat-conducting silicone grease is cheap, and the imported silicone grease is slightly more expensive, but it can be used for a long time.


2. Good Convection

For convection to work well, you need a cooling fan that provides enough air to ensure a constant supply of cool air.There are mainly two kinds of cooling fans in the market (bearing fans and ball fans). Bearing fans have low cost, but high noise and limited rotation speed. Ball fan has low noise, high rotation speed, but high cost. It should be known that the noise of CUP fans has gradually become a problem that cannot be ignored. At the same speed, the lower noise of ball fans is undoubtedly a big advantage. In order to allow the fan to get a higher air volume at a lower speed, the latest good fans all adopt the shape of multiple blades and sickle, which can effectively increase the air volume and reduce the noise, so it is worth giving priority. In order to accelerate convection, some heat sinks have holes in the bottom plate of the heat sinks, so that the fan's wind can blow to the part of the CUP pressed under the dissipating hot plate. This design idea is novel and practical, which is a good way for various fans to learn from. Some heat sinks have carefully designed the Angle of their fins so that the wind can take away heat more effectively.

Lori cpu heat sink features and benefits

Lori cpu heat sink are mainly designed for processor, computer, the type of the lori cpu heat sinks are zipper fin heat sink, extruded heat sink, heat hipe heat sink, copper plate with heat pipe and so on.

1. Maximum Performance utilizing high density fins manufacture for increased surface area and reduced solution size.

2. Thin fin  structure reduces pressure drop, improves system airflow, and reduces fan costs.

3. Our designed cpu heat sink meet all Intel standards and requirements, including mounting hardware, stiffness, and performance. 

4. Specialized thermal grease formulated, suitable for high performance pre‐applied to base and protected with individual grease shield.

5. Pre‐assembled with captive mounting hardware and ready for installation with instruction label.

6. Precise surface flatness and high performance thermal grease ensure minimal interfacial resistance.


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