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Power Battery Cooling Solution
Power battery cooling solution

Nowadays, new energy electric vehicles are developing rapidly, and various types of electric vehicle heatsinks are being applied to all corners of society. As the main energy storage component of electric vehicle mounted with battery pack, power battery pack is a very key component of electric vehicle, so improving its performance is worth studying. Power battery is to provide power for the car as a power source, generally refers to the battery that provides power for electric vehicles, electric buses, electric trains and other new energy vehicles. Lithium-ion power batteries are widely used in electric vehicle battery packs because of their excellent power output characteristics and long life. However, lithium-ion power batteries are more sensitive to temperature changes, especially large-capacity, high-power lithium-ion batteries used in vehicles. Electric vehicle power battery in charge and discharge will produce a lot of heat, if a long time accumulation, will cause part of the battery overcharge and overdischarge, and then affect the life and performance of the battery, resulting in the battery temperature rise, as well as the battery temperature distribution imbalance phenomenon, directly affect the performance of electric vehicles.

In order to extend the service life and mileage of the battery, Lori’s the water cooling solution solves the heat dissipation problem.

Lori's Power Battery Cooling Solution

Lori provides cooling solutions for special vehicle battery, bus power battery, logistics vehicle power battery, passenger car power battery and so on

Simulation of Lori's Liquid Cold Plate

Lori is committed to becoming a leader in the field of heat dissipation management in the field of new energy vehicles, and has rich experience in the research and development of power battery pack heat dissipation technology. Through in-depth discussions between Lori thermal design engineers and automotive technicians, we can help new energy vehicle enterprises solve heat dissipation problems. The following is the simulation model and simulation results of the power battery pack heat dissipation solution provided by Lori. Need more new power battery water cooling solution please contact us

Lori's Power Battery Liquid Cold Plate Center

For the heat dissipation needs of power battery packs, Lori technology can provide various forms of liquid cold plate and system according to customer requirements, liquid cold plate series are: copper tube embedded liquid cold plate, brazed cooling liquid cold plate, friction welding liquid cold plate and so on.

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