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03 Skived Fin Heatsink

Skived Fin heat sinks can be an alternative to extruded heat sinks when looking for a fin density which can’t be achieved by extrusion technology. Leading the heat innovation innovation high density ,high performance, high aspect ratio, excellent performance.

Applied to Communication, UPS, inverter, controller, wind power converter, SVG telecommunication.

Skived fin heat sinks

When passing through the machine, slabs are skived in a specific angle so as to form and bend the fins. With the repetitive cutting, it forms consistent gaps and structures and can be used for cooling high-power devices under air-cooled conditions. This process can enhance 8~15% of the cooling capacity as compared to the stitched fin process.


AL 1060&6063 & Cu1100 process parameters :

Base thickness : 1-40mm

Fin length : ﹤ 800mm

Fin height : ﹤ 150mm

Fin thickness :0.2-3mm

Fin gap : 0.2-10mm

Product length : ﹤ 2000mm

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