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Why the raw material of heat sink chooses aluminum mostly?

Aluminum profile is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy as raw material, Various aluminum alloys include 6061, 6105, 6005, 6063, 6060, 6101, 1100 and 1350 alloys. The aluminum alloy after smelting, cutting, extrusion and other processes can form different section shape of the metal panel. And then can be cast in drawing, grooving, grinding, deburring, sandblasting, electroplating, radium screen printing, anodizing and other surface treatment processes can be fine surface, making heat sink enclosure with superior performance. 

Advantages of aluminum heat sink

As a raw material, aluminum profile has the following characteristics.


1. Lightweight

Aluminum is a light metal with a density of only 2.7g/cm, about a third that of steel and copper (7.85g/cm and 8.9g/cm). Therefore, it is used to make heat sink enclosure. The weight of aluminum profile is lighter under the same volume, and the light weight aluminum profile is put into production to make light and thin aluminum heat sink enclosure , which is very consistent with the current trend of the pursuit of light and thin products.


2. Corrosion resistance

The working environment of the heat sink is complex, and the selected raw materials will be able to pass the corrosion resistance. Aluminum can form a dense oxidation film on the surface to prevent further corrosion inside, and after surface treatment, the aluminum heat sink has better corrosion resistance. Therefore, aluminum profile with this point can be used in the actual standing, not in the later period because of metal corrosion and affect the aesthetic and thermal performance.


3. Thermal conductivity

Heat conduction and heat dissipation ability is one of the indispensable properties of heat sink. The thermal conductivity value of aluminum is 204/W·(m·k), but the hardness of pure aluminum is low, deformation is easy to occur when heated, and the pure aluminum into aluminum alloy can not only ensure excellent thermal conductivity, but also ensure the aluminum heat sink has a long service life.


Often can take copper and aluminum to compare when raw material in the industry, although copper is better than aluminum really on thermal conductivity property, but cannot realize lightweight body, also want higher than aluminum alloy on cost, because this aluminum profile heat sink is more popular on market.


4. The non-magnetic

Non - magnetic is also an important property of the heat sink enclosure. Among them, the heat sink enclosure put into audio and electronic products should be non-magnetic. In order to avoid interfering with the transmission of signals, while the aluminum alloy, which does not contain iron, cobalt, nickel and other metals, is not magnetic, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of audio and electronic products.


5. Plasticity

The specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and corresponding work-hardening rate of metals all affect the range of shape variables. So different metals have differences in plasticity, and aluminum alloy is easy to forge and has a high plasticity, which is widely used in industry.




The principle of extruded aluminum heatsink

For the moment, extruded aluminum heatsink are widely used, mainly in computer accessories or fan heaters. Different forms of heat dissipation respond to users with different needs. Many manufacturers choose 6063 aluminum profiles as heat sink materials, because 6063 is a high-quality aluminum profile. Most of the industry use 6063 as a heat sink material, and its purity can reach more than 98%. Because the heat sink made of 6063 aluminum profile has strong heat conduction performance, low density and low price, it has won the majors manufacturer's favorite.  I believe that consumers have some understanding of the way heat sinks are dissipated in their usual concerns. What is the principle of extruded aluminum heatsink?

First of all, there are two important concepts to explain extruded aluminium heatsink :

1. Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity refers to the material that is 1m thick under stable heat transfer conditions. The temperature difference between the two sides is 1 degree (K, °C). The heat transferred through the area of 1 square meter in 1 hour, the unit It is watts/meter Celsius.

2. Specific heat capacity: The heat absorbed by a substance of unit mass by 1 °C (or the heat released by 1 °C) is called the specific heat capacity of this substance, referred to as: specific heat, expressed by the letter "c".

Aluminium heat dissipation material has become one of the most widely used and widely used heat dissipation materials due to its low price. Aluminium has the characteristics of low density, good ductility and easy processing. However, the hardness of pure aluminium is insufficient and the cutting performance is poor. Therefore, in actual production, in order to ensure the proper hardness of the product, the manufacturer uses aluminium alloy to manufacture the actual product. Of course, doping other metals will result in a decrease in heat dissipation performance. Aluminium has a thermal conductivity of 237 for faster and more efficient heat dissipation.

Aluminum heat sink application

Lori is custom heatsink manufacturer  for more than Ten years, Lori aluminum heatsink have been used in many fields, such as computers, electrical appliances, machinery, automobiles, wind power generation, etc. The heat sinks of different applications are different in material and construction, and have many uses, like amplifier heatsink , LED heatsink, and motor casing heatsink, solar flower heatsink, etc. Many kinds of cross-sectional shape, comb-type heatsink, dense fin heatsink, high density fin heatsink, I-shaped heatsink, square, fan-shaped, etc. The shape and the simple shape of the heat sink require low labor and material costs, and the price is definitely cheaper than the intricately shaped heatsink.

Alumium heat sink customization service

Aluminum heatsink is the one of most popular and cost efficient heat sink  for customers ,

It is easy customization and  lighter than copper, Lori can provide customization in various shapes and size heat sink, you can reach us for customization service now.

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