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Wireless communication

Liquid cooled server

The rapid development of Internet, also brought the prosperity of the server market, a large amount of data storage, computing server would have to be done. A large-scale web site needs a huge number of servers, prevent because traffic cause server crash. We also often see, rows of huge rooms of servers, these servers are mostly enterprise server.

Enterprise server belong to high-end servers, enterprise server is used at least more than four symmetrical CPU processor structure, some as high as dozens of. These servers, mostly need to run 24 hours a day. So the calorific value, usually can use air conditioning to reduce indoor temperature, or change the interior layout, reasonable heat dissipation. The corresponding strategy, once appear, overtemperature phenomenon will shut down the system, transfer tasks. From a long-term perspective, the breakthrough of heat dissipation technology can effectively help the management of the heat.

Because of the heat pipe heatsink and cooling(fan+heat sink) can better solve the problem of the high power heatsink, and liquid cooling plate can solve most of the hot issues, especially on lower indoor temperature, through the air convection doesn't work. Water-cooled heat dissipation can control the heat source chip at a stable temperature, and running noise will reduce the number of times. At the same time in the rapid development of Internet, the corresponding hidden danger also need to guard against in a timely manner. In recent years on the international big companies are embarking on server solution, for the question of the server cooling,users can consult us.

After tried a variety of cooling ways, multiple data show that the most obvious. The advantage of water cooling heat dissipation efficiency is high, quiet and stable, can ensure the server run efficiently. But large enterprise server, need complete sets of water cooling scheme, for the design of the whole test and product have higher requirements, and Lori technology has done a lot of successful server cooling case, for suffering from heat users can consult our server.

I believe that with the passage of time, liquid cooled server will be more and more applied to the heat dissipation of the server, for each enterprise to solve the practical difficulties.


Now computers are getting smaller and smaller, solve the problem of heat dissipation has become more and more important. Due to the extensive use of integrated circuit, computer components in high temperature is an enemy of integrated circuit. High temperature will lead to system instability, not only shorten the service life and may even make some parts burned. Lead to the high temperature heat comes not from outside the computer, but computer inside,Or integrated circuit inside. The role of the heat sink is the heat absorbed, and then spread to the outside or inside the case case, to insure the normal temperature of the computer components. Most of the heat sink through and heating parts surface contact, absorption of heat, to transfer heat to the distance, through various methods such as the air inside the case, then the case will be the hot air to the outside casing, complete computer cooling. Very many different kinds of heat sink, CPU, video card, motherboard chipsets, hard drives, chassis, power supply, and even drives and memory will need heat sink, these different heat sink can not be mixed,And among them the heat sink that contacts most is CPU.According to the heat away from the heat sink, heat sink of computer can be divided into active cooling and passive cooling. The former is common air cooling heat sink, while the latter is common heat sink. Further subdivided the cooling mode, can be divided into air-cooled heat sink, the heat pipe heat sink, water pipes, semiconductor refrigeration, refrigeration compressor, etc.

The computer CPU is the running center of the computer, which has a high requirement for cooling performance.The cooling mode of CPU can be air cooling (fan+heat sink), heat pipe cooling(heatsink) and liquid cooling board, Lori technology can achieve the best cooling effect by using water cooling plate, followed by heat pipe cooling, followed by air cooling.

Industrial switch

In today's rapid industrial development, heat dissipation has become particularly important, and excessive temperature has a fatal impact on industrial-grade switches. Therefore, when designing such products, the engineering team of Lori should not only understand how to select industrial-grade components with a wide temperature range, but also pay more attention to the thermal design of equipment.

Generally speaking, heat dissipation systems of switches are divided into two types: front inlet, rear outlet, left inlet and right outlet. There is no good or bad difference between these two types of heat dissipation systems.

Lori technology adopts the combined design of thermal PAD, CPU heat sink with fan, with fast heat dissipation speed and stable heat dissipation effect in long-term use.Thermal conductive silicon sheet is mainly used in the main board and the shell, the thermal conductivity of thermal between selection of thermal conductivity of silicon sheet the main purpose is to reduce the heat cooling device and the surface contact between the contact thermal resistance, thermal conductivity silicone can good filling contact clearance, with the supplement of the thermal conductive silicone piece can improve the contact area between the heat source and heat sink full contact, truly face-to-face contact, on the temperature of the reaction can reach as far as possible small temperature difference, thermal conductive silicone piece not only has the insulation performance, and shock absorption sound-absorbing effect.

The heat dissipation system of industrial switches requires scientific and reasonable layout of thermal PAD, heat sink, fans, CUP and other components to ensure good heat dissipation and improve the stability of switches.

Wireless base station

In the context of increasingly fierce market competition, as a relatively mature wireless base station product, its reliability requirements are increasingly high, especially for heat dissipation and noise put forward more stringent requirements, so Lori thermal solution team for wireless base station heat dissipation and noise improvement.

First of all, through the basic component unit of the wireless base station cooling path analysis, put forward a series of improvement measures, including the power amplifier unit heat heat sink optimization to improve the test method improvement, baseband board, thermoelectric refrigeration technology is applied to the battery cabinet cooling improvement, power supply, heat dissipation, noise improvement. Is to use the active or passive cooling heat dissipation, is the use of heat pipe heat sink or liquid cooling plate, in order to in a short time, analysis the feasibility and effect of improvement measures, the use of thermal simulation tools as the main means, respectively of the baseband board, battery cabinet, power board, modeling and simulation analysis to optimize the results of simulation analysis at the same time,The reliability accelerated life test method is used to verify the feasibility of the simulation results.

Secondly, based on the relation and distinction between heat and noise theory analysis, and then to improve the noise of wireless base stations, find the balance point of wireless base stations heat and noise, Lori with customers, through the method of speed control strategy on the premise of a small amount of increase or decrease costs, boost the reliability of wireless base stations.

Change going mobile network technology in the world, GSM, WCDMA and LTE with amazing transmission rate to meet the demand of the user's data, in which high frequency materials and heatsink has played a key role. As the rebound, antenna, power amplifier, microwave, small base station is an important part of a create mobile communication network, such as low loss dielectric material is also the foundation of the technology. In the future, high frequency materials and thermal technology also will be the next generation mobile network, which will reach millimeter wave band 5G key technology.

Satellite communication

The satellite antenna is responsible for reflecting the satellite signal into the feed and high-frequency head at the focus. The purpose of the satellite antenna is to collect the weak signal from the satellite and remove as much noise as possible.

The development of communications satellite antennas has evolved from simple antennas (standard round or elliptical beam), shaped wireless antennas (multi-feed beam and reflector), to large multi-beamforming antennas developed to support personal mobile communications.

Circular beam is still used for global beam and regional communication. Most satellite communications adopt double-gate, orthogonal, single-feed and reflector shaped antenna design.This antenna technology is not only used in most communication satellites;At the same time by the world's major satellite antenna manufacturers, developed to support personal mobile communications multi-beam forming large antenna began to use.

Large communication antennas produce a lot of heat when they operate.Heat is the most harmful to electronic products, so how to give these large body of equipment heat, we need to study well.The force that USES commonly at present convective air radiates heat means, it is common aluminous profile radiator, already more and more difficult suppress a lot of heat.At present, Lori technology has applied water-cooled heat dissipation to communication antenna equipment, and the temperature of heat dissipation remains stable, efficient and green. It can be said that it is an important discovery of communication equipment heat dissipation, and more and more equipment will use water-cooled heat sink(liquid cooled plate) in the future, Lori expects to provide you with more thermal solutions.

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