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EV Controller Cooling Solutions

LORI is a professional high-power heat sink manufacturer, with first-class thermal design and development team, with reliable thermal simulation, thermal testing capabilities, for many domestic and foreign new energy vehicle enterprises to provide electric controllers water cooling solutions, and long-term to provide professional heat dissipation technical service support.

Lori’s Electric Vehicle Controllers Cooling Solutions

By receiving the vehicle driving control instructions from the vehicle controller, the electric vehicle controller controls the start, driving, forward or backward, acceleration and deceleration, stop, and control other electronic equipment. It acts like the brain of new energy electric vehicles and is a key component of electric vehicles. Therefore, the normal operation of the electric vehicle controller greatly affects the performance and safety of the electric vehicle. Therefore, all new energy electric vehicle manufacturers attach great importance to the heat dissipation problem of electric vehicle controllers. Lori has a very rich experience in electric vehicle controllers, and our electric vehicle controller cooling solution uses water cooling design. Cooling components can be divided into two categories: frame structure and cooling plate structure. The two parts will be assembled together in the final stage.

Lori’s Electric Vehicle Controllers Designs

Lori is committed to becoming a leader in the field of heat dissipation management in the field of new energy vehicles, and has rich experience in the research and development of heat dissipation technology of electronic control vehicle controllers. Through in-depth discussions between Lori thermal design engineers and automotive technicians, we can help new energy vehicle enterprises solve heat dissipation problems. The following is the water cooling heat dissipation design solution provided by Lori for electric vehicle controllers. The cooling component is divided into two parts: the frame and the water cooling plate structure, and finally the two are assembled into a whole. The design makes the back of the heat dissipation plate fully contact with the heat dissipation component to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the heat dissipation area.

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Electric Vehicle Controller Center

For the heat dissipation needs of electric vehicle controllers, Lori Technology can provide liquid cooling technology developed by new energy vehicle motor controllers according to customer requirements. There are mainly die casting water cooling plate, friction welding water cooling plate and so on.

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