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Choosing the right industrial heat sink is the key to optimize the product performance. Selection considerations depend on space availability, ambient temperature, transient conditions, overload capacity, and whether the application depends on convective or forced air cooling methods.

As a industrial heat sink manufacturer, Lori is customer-oriented, dedicated to providing customers with professional cooling solutions, high performance industrial heat sink, LORI mainly deals in industrial heatsinkHeat sink is used to reduce the heat generated when the equipment parts are running, thus the mechanical equipment components cooling to increase the operating life of the equipment. It is a layer of good heat conducting medium attached to heating equipment. So the quality of heat sink directly affects the service life of mechanical equipment. It acts as a kind of middleman, sometimes adding fans and other things to the heat-conducting medium (heat-conducting paste) to speed up the cooling effect. But sometimes heat sinks also act as bandits, such as in refrigerators where the heat is forced out to reach temperatures lower than room temperature.

Industrial heat sinks include Led heat sinks, IGBT heat sink, BGA heat sink, Inverter heat sink, etc. These industrial heat sinks mainy are extruded heat sinks, skived fin heat sinks, liquid cold plates, heat pipe heat sinks, zipper fin heat sinks, and other customized heat sink with different process. 

Applications of industrial heat sinks are useful in industries requiring efficient cooling, such as electronics, military, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, security electronics, automotive electronics, outdoor base stations, IGBT, BGA, home appliances and LED lighting, etc.


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