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Heat Sink Extrusion

Heatsink Extrusion Profiles

Extrusion Heat Sinks & Profiles for Cost Effective Cooling Solutions

LORI offers a variety of high performance plate fin heat sink, heat sink, and pin fin extruded heat sinks.These high aspect ratio heat sinks are ideal for applications where there is sufficient airflow to derive the best advantage from these heat sink designs

Lori also offers a range of heat sink extrusion with different thermal performances, fin spacing, length, and height. Heatsink profiles enable the engineer to select or start the heat sink design from the pre-tooled heatsink extrusion profiles of the cooling solution. Lori’s heat sink extrusion are available in plate fin, round aluminum heat sink extrusion, and linear LED heat sink extrusion designs without any surface treatment, and can be customized for different application requirements at Lori's heat sink manufacturing facility.

Heat sink extrusion
Heat Sink Extrusions
Aluminum heat sink extrusions

Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions

Plate fin heat sink extursions

Plate Fin Heat Sink Extursions

Slant fin heat sink  extursions

Slant Fin Heat Sink  Extursions

Pin Fin heat sink Extrusions

Pin Fin heat sink Extrusions 

large heat sink extrusions
Large Heat Sink Extrusions
Led Heat Sink Extrusion

Round Heat Sink Extrusion Design For LED Lights/LED Bulb

Round heat sink extrusion design for led lights / led bulb, Lori has created a lot of standard LED cooling solutions available in the world for use in led heat sink applications for downlights, wall wash, floodlights, wall packs, low bay, bridge lights, greenhouse lights  and other luminaire types.


Looking for your relative led cooling solution here with a wide selection of led heat sink extrusion in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round heat sink, square heat sink, cylindrical heat sink with different surface finishes. We have heat sink extrusion types and design supporting your heat sink dissipation. Lori is a professional china led heat sink extrusion manufacturer, all of our led heat sinkare specially manufactured with rolled edges for safe handling. We can accept small qty order and mass production for your custom heat sink extrusions   

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