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Laser equipment

Laser equipment

As the strongest artificial light, laser has been widely used in production and life.Laser marking machine, laser projector, laser beauty instrument, etc., are made of the special performance of the laser.Laser production requires special excitation device, inductor, metal plate electrode, metal plate, metal plate under the electrode.

Laser cooling system has a great impact on the efficiency of laser energy conversion, laser equipment operation process, if you can eliminate the hot gas produced in time, can quickly make the temperature of the working gas to maintain stable, in order to obtain efficient radio frequency electro-optical conversion efficiency, improve and stabilize the laser output power.

Modern society benefits from the rapid development of laser, laser equipment is increasingly demanding.The reality is that the higher the performance, the higher the power consumption.On the other hand, the smaller the better, which leads to a higher thermal density.So, air cooling in this case is getting weaker and weaker, and aside from air cooling there's no particularly good technical improvement other than to speed up the fan.This also means that noise and heat dissipation can not balance, air-cooling heat dissipation must be replaced by water cooling.

We have known the advantages of water cooling, quiet, efficient, stable, better than air cooling cooling, cooling temperature control is lower, which also indicates that water cooling will replace air cooling cooling, in laser equipment plays an important role.Water cooling is a systematic solution, must have technical accumulation, rich experience, in order to achieve the most appropriate water cooling solutions.Lori technology is a professional engaged in water cooling technology for 15 years of enterprises, because water cooling technology has rich industry accumulation, to solve the problem of heat dissipation in various industries, and many well-known domestic enterprises have successfully cooperated.

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