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The process of friction stir welding is described as follows: it is a solid phase connection method under the action of mechanical force and friction heat. Friction stir welding process, a special convex shoulder and needle bar with the mixing head spinning slowly insert by welding, friction between the head and stir welding material shear resistance produced friction heat, the mixing head adjacent area of thermoplastic materials (welding temperature does not generally at and above the melting point of welding material), when the mixing head spin move forward, plasticizing of hot metal materials from the forefront of stir head backwards down the transfer, and the mixing head shoulder and workpiece surface friction heat and forging production, forming dense solid connection

Friction stir welding technology is usually accomplished by the following four steps.

1. Transform mechanical energy into thermal energy. 

2. Plastic deformation of the material. 

3. The setting pressure under thermoplastic phenomenon. 

4. Molecular diffusion and recrystallization.

The main advantages of friction stir welding are as follows:

1. The microstructure of welded joints in the heat-affected zone changes little.The residual stress is relatively low, welding parts are not easy to deformation;

2. It can complete the welding of long welding seam, large cross section and different positions in one time. High joint:

3. The operation process is easy to achieve mechanization and automation, with simple equipment, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low requirements on the operating environment:

4. No need to add welding wire, no need to remove oxidation film before welding aluminum alloy, no need to protect gas, low cost;

5. Weldable materials with heat crack sensitivity, suitable for welding of heterogeneous materials:

6. The friction stir welding process is safe, pollution-free, smoke-free and radiation-free

Compared with traditional welding heat sink, the biggest difference of FSW lies in that during the whole welding process, the temperature reached by the energy increase of the metal to be welded does not reach its melting point, that is, the metal is forged solid phase connection in the thermoplastic state.

Compared with traditional fusion welding, friction welding has high welding joint quality, it can reach the strength of welding seam and matrix material, high welding efficiency, stable quality, good consistency, and can realize welding of different materials. Friction welding (friction stir welding) with its high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, pollution free technical features, in aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, weapons, 

Friction stir welding are mainly use for heat sink jointing or process flow channel for liquid cold plate. so we called friction stir welding heat sink, friction stir welded cold plate. Using friction welding for heat sinks can resolve the technical bottleneck of joining two or more materials to form high-aspect-ratio ultra-wide products. Moreover, its tooling cost is lower with a short cycle time and higher stability. Friction welding liquid cold plate through friction welding, can achieve the same thickness but larger than the embedded tube flow, and further reduce the thermal resistance. Especially in dealing with complex flow channels and some of the high and low flow channel is more flexible.The maximum size of our company's friction stir welding process can reach 1500*1500mm, and the welding depth is 26mm. Based on the data that has been accumulated by our R&D team in the long run, LORI has developed several standard materials and we keep enhancing the database of our standard materials so as to provide our clients with more thermal solutions for selection.

Friction welding (friction stir welding) with its high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, pollution free technical features, in aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, weapons, automobiles, electric power, Marine development, machinery manufacturing and other new technologies and traditional industries have been more and more widely used.

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