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Cold Plate Simulation

liquid cooling cold plate simulation


For high power density applications, such as laser, server, photovoltaic energy, medical equipment, military equipment, due to the harsh requirements on temperature, liquid cooling cold plate has become the only choice. Because the value of the liquid cooling cold plate is generally higher, so before the sample production, do some simulation analysis is necessary. Lori's simulation of liquid cooling is well suited to use PROE's model to divide the grid directly, then solve the problem to get the result, and modify and calculate it easily.

The following with the most simple pressured tube cold plate simulation, for your reference.

Water inlet flow:2.5 L/MIN
Pressure drop :<50 KPa
Temperature rise:<10 ℃

Simulation Settings:
Power:100 W(
aluminium plate even heating)
Water inlet temperature :25 ℃
Runner:Coil pipe

Model Building

Model Building:

Static pressure distribution

According to the simulation results, the design can meet the requirements of temperature rise and pressure drop. In addition, the liquid cold plates design and process combination very close, so understand the different liquid cooling cold plates process is a prerequisite for the design of liquid cold plates.

liquid cooling cold plate process

At present, there are several main liquid cooling cold plate processes:  The channel of liquid cold plates can be cnc machined, extrusion, gun-drilled. And the liquid cold plates machining channel according to the different ways of welding is divided into vacuum brazing, friction stir welding and other processes. The fins in the channel can also be divided into many types according to the process, such as profile, skived fin, folded fin, and so on.

Friction Stir Welding liquid cold plates

Fricition stir welding

Liquid Cold Plate For Electric Locomotive

Pressured tube

Gun drilled liquid cold plates


Therefore, in the early stage of custom cold plate design, different liquid cooling solutions shall be compared and evaluated according to the cost and design requirements of liquid cooling cold plate, and finally the optimal process shall be selected for production.

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