Professional High Power Cooling Solution Service Provider And Heat Sink Manufacturer

1.Custom Heatsinks Design

If you do not have drawing, we can provide you custom heatsink design , our engineer need some information as below,

Custom heatsink size : Length, Width, and Height (mm)

The power the size of the heat source

The ambient temperature, the maximum temperature allowed by the chip

Estimated Annual Usage & budget

2.Thermal problem test &Simulation calculation

When finished costom heat sink design, our engineer make thermal problem test and Simulation calculation by software as below

Liquid cooling software:Ansys

Analytical software:Qfin

Structural mechanics software:Ansys

3.Rapid prototyping and test.

We can make Rapid prototyping for your test and to check the quality and Thermal performance.Usually we delivery to you by express, Such as TNT,DHL, UPS, Fedex and so on. and then just waiting for you to confirm samples.

It usually costs 7-15 days.

4.Mass production

Mass prodution steps:

1)custom heatsink design and samples confirmed

2)most of heat sink need make extrusion mould or stamping mould. May be need 15days  

3)Buy heatsink materials and cooling components,

4)Process(Extruded, CNC machining, stamping, skiving,soldering)

5)Final inspection and packaging

It usually costs 25-35days for mass production.

5.Delivery: Sea/Air transportation

After finishing the mass production, we begin to arrange the delivery, Sea or Air transportation are both ok. The delivery time depends on which country are you from and the transportation way.

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