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Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine

We are heatsink skiving machine manufacturers supply large CNC skiving fin machine for skived fin heat sink processing.

Skiving Fin Heat Sink Machine
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Today, skived fin heat sinks are breaking the limits of the thickness and length ratios of traditional heat sinks to produce high density and high performance heat sinks with our skived fin equipment. Our dedicated heat sink fin skiving machines use high precision cutting technology to produce ultra-high, ultra-thin fins and ultra-long fin heat sink structures. The skiving fin heat sink machine uses a single block material, such as copper or aluminum, to cut out high-density fins. The fins and the base are "one" Therefore, the heat dissipation efficiency of the skvied fin heat sink is still twice that of the traditional heat sink. Thermal conductivity efficiency can reach 100% of the profile material. Skived fin heat sink is widely used in photovoltaic industry, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, servers, inverters, communication products, greenhouse led lights and so on.

We are the inventor and manufacturer of CNC skiving fin heat sink machines, and our skived fin technology is the leading thermal innovation: high density, high performance, low cost, excellent quality.

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