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Stamped Heat Sink

Stamped Heat Sink

Lori is a standard and custom heatsink manufacturer, which can provide customers with stamped heat sink as an efficient and low-cost solution for small amounts of heat to be dissipate, and to add surface area for increased the heat transfer for electronic products. These heat sinks are formed through a progressive stamping process, in which details and features are added step by step with each die of the sheet metal passes through the stampingor punching die.

Stamped heat sinks advantages

Stamped heat sinks have a major advantage due to their design and size, which is saving board space. Active components are directly screwed or bonded onto the stamped heat sink. Stamped heat sinks are available based on a horizontal or vertical design. The vertical stamped heatsink design has the advantage to be equipped optionally with solder pins to stabilize in the assembly process and enable the product to be soldered on the board at the same time. Stamping heat sinks are designed for specific electronic package types to ensure optimized fit and function. These heat sinks have a lot of mounting methods, including solder tabs and pins, interference fit with the device throughthese integrated clips or slide-on features, or through the hole hardware like screws and nuts. For stamped heat sinks, different surfaces, either tin-plated or black anodized, can be chosen to improve heat dissipation and thermal performance for natural convection applications.

The application of stamping heat sink is very extensive, mainly used in industry, telecommunication, computer, consumer market or automobile industry. Lori engineering team is highly experienced in stamped heat sink cooling applications.  If you are looking for a specific stamped heat sink that the standard stamped heat sink can not meet, such as very  thin fins, high density fin, height restrictions or if you have special attachments, Contact Lori teams and get want you want. We can help you select a stamped heat sink optimized for your application from our wide thermal solutions.

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