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Vacuum Brazed Liquid Cold Plate

Vacuum brazing is a manufacturing process for connecting components to achieve higher thermal performance and lighter solutions. Vacuum brazed cold plate refers to a kind of water cooled plate, which are created by machining two metal plates with internal channels and fin structures (often folded fins or skived fins), which are then carefully sealed together inside a vacuum chamber for heating.  A filler metal with a lower melting point is melted into the joints of the cold plate via capillary action under the corresponding technological conditions, and connects two plates with internal channels and fin structures to form an internal flow channel. The vacuum system can be connected to the workpiece so that the pressure inside the workpiece is lower than the atmospheric pressure during vacuum brazing.

For vacuum brazing advantages compared with other connection technologies, vacuum brazing liquid cold plate has obvious following advantages: 

1. No flux process can be used to clean parts

2. Highly repeatable and controllable batch processing

3. Uniform material characteristics during and after brazing

4. Internal joints can be produced even in complex structures to improve the overall strength of components

Vacuum brazed cold plate has unparalleled flexibility in design, as it is not limited by the bending radius limitations of pressure tube cold plate. Heat pipes can also be embedded in the plate to improve  heat dissipation. Internal fin structures can be inserted inside the vacuum brazed cold plate channels to increase the surface area in contact with the working fluid, providing greater and better heat transfer. As a result of this, vacuum brazed cold plates are the liquid cooling thermal module of choice for power generation, electric car batteries, fuel cell components, and various military, medical and avionics applications. Vacuum brazed water cooling plate has higher cost, but also very high reliability and and the joints are very clean. Large Numbers of cold plates can also be batched processing.

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