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Skived Heat Sink Types

1. Copper Skived fin  heatsink: Copper thermal conductivity is good, plus the skived fin technology can achieve the maximum heat dissipation area per unit volume, greatly improve the overall heat dissipation performance. So lori copper skived fin heat sink is used in high end chip, cpu heat dissipation, server and other fields

2. Aluminum skived fin heat sink: Generally made of pure aluminum, thermal conductivity is higher than aluminum alloy, and with skiving technology, heat dissipation performance is more stable than aluminum extrusion heat sink. Lori aluminum skived heat sink widely used in photovoltaic industry, electric vehicles, inverters, led lights ,communication products and so on.

Skived Heatsink Machine Manufacturing Capability

The following dimensions are the capabilities for skived heat sinks with high quality and low cost.

Materials: Copper (C11000) or Aluminum (6063)

Dimensions as below:

Maximum fin width: 500 mm (20″)

Max fin height: 100 mm (4”)

Recommended fin height: <50 mm (2”)

Minimum fin thickness: 0.15 mm (0.006”)

Minimum fin gap: 0.25 mm (0.01”)

Skived fin thickness: 0.1mm~2mm

Recommended fin thickness: 0.3-0.6 mm (0.012-0.024”)

Base thickness:1-30 mm.

Max Flow length: 3000mm.

Tolerance of + / - 0.2 mm.

Skived Heat Sink Application

Skived heat sink will be more widely used, skived fin process can also cooperate with other cooling process in production, such as the heat pipe technology, also can match the water cooled heat sink process, micro channel and so on, according to the characteristics of different motor production produce heat sink in different shapes and sizes, with a variety of process can improve the heat sink performance, at the same time reduce the cost. Skived fin for the profile material requirements are not high, can be aluminum profile can be copper profile.

Skived copper heat sink is a cost effective solution when considering the low tooling cost and the optimized fin surface area. Skived heat sink are widely use in the following applications:

1. Computer and electronic component

2. Telecommunication equipment

3. Industrial equipment and component

4. LED Lighting and household appliances industry

5. Automotive components

6. 5g base station and server 

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