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Electric power&Power supply

 Electric power&Power supply

UPS, namely uninterruptible power supply, is the system equipment that connects the battery with the main engine and converts the direct current into mains power through the module circuit such as the main engine inverter.Mainly used for single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valve, pressure transmitter to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply. 

When the mains power input is normal, UPS supplies the mains power to the load after the voltage is stabilized. At this time, UPS is an ac voltage regulator, and it also charges the batteries inside the machine.When the power supply is interrupted (power failure due to an accident), UPS will immediately supply the direct current energy of the battery to the load through the method of inverter switching and conversion to continue to supply 220V alternating current to the load, so as to maintain the normal work of the load and protect the load from software and hardware damage.UPS equipment usually provides protection against high or low voltage.

Uninterrupted power supply has been widely used in mining, aerospace, industrial, communications, defense, hospitals, computer terminal, network, server, network equipment, data storage equipment, emergency lighting system, railway, shipping, transportation, power plants, substations, power plant, fire security alarm system, wireless communication system, program-controlled switches, mobile communications, solar energy storage energy conversion equipment, control equipment and emergency protection system, personal computers, and other fields.

UPS power supply is so widely used, how to ensure the normal operation of equipment is very important.At present commonly used is aluminum extruded heat sink and heat pipe heat sink, stacked heat sink because of the density of fins, width is not limited, also began to be used in the UPS power supply, because the heat output of the UPS power supply is larger, and the air-cooling cooling for temperature control is not ideal.The openness of air-cooling heat dissipation is large, easy to adhere to dust and other influence heat dissipation efficiency, so new heat dissipation technology needs to be introduced.As a new solution, Lori's water-cooled heat dissipation has been increasingly applied to the heat dissipation of UPS power supply in the process of continuous improvement.Water cooling heat efficient, quiet, green and other characteristics, very suitable for the application of such equipment.With a strong guarantee, UPS power supply will play a greater role.

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