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Lori is a  heat sink factory focusing on manufacturing custom heat sink, standard heat sink and liquid cold plate since 2008. We can provide small stamped and extruded aluminum heatsinks, extremely large heat sink, Lori as a professional high power thermal solution service provider and heat sink manufacturer equipped with advanced production machines for heat sink manufacturing, like high-end equipment ,CNC machining center, NC lathe, high precision grinding machines, soldering, stamping, skiving,die-casting machines and inspection equipment like thermal test machine ,CMM, projectors and other equipment, so we have large heat sink manufacturing capability, can fully meet customer’s requirement. ISO09001 & ISO14001 approved and strict quality control on heat sinks. The heat sinks are high efficiency, high quality, low cost and eco-friendly. Widely used in telecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, SVG etc. If you are interested in our factory or our heat sink products, please contact us right now, you will enjoy the discount price. In addition, Lori provides custom extruded aluminum heatsinks and custom copper heat sink and advance manufacturing techiques for better thermal performance, such as heat pipe techiques, liquid cold plate system, high density skived fin techiques, heat sink assemblies. Lori can provied your custom heat sink design, heat sink quick quotation, and free thermal simulation in minunits. Please contact our team to let us know your heat sink requirement.

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Heat sinks Options & Benefits

1. Skived fin heat sink

Skived fin heat sink is using a special cutter  from a piece of aluminum or copper plate, the fin is cutted and erected piece by piece.
Benefits and application: It breaks through the limitation of the thickness and length ratio of conventional heat sinks and can produce high density heat sinks.Blade and base are one body, without any interface impedance problem, heat dissipation effect is very good, close to aluminum extrusion heat sink, widely used in photovoltaic industry, electric vehicles, inverters, communication products and so on.

2. Extruded heat sink

Extruded heat sink: Aluminum ingots are heated at a high temperature in the furnace and extruded from the aluminum bar, and then the aluminum bar is injected into a mold with grooves to make the initial radiator blank, and then the post-section processing (CNC, trimming, drilling, tapping, polishing, drawing, surface treatment, riveting pin, packaging) is carried out.
Benefits: Aluminum alloy itself is soft and easy to process with low cost, which is widely used as an excellent thermal material in modern heat dissipation. Most of the industry USES 6063 T5 high-quality aluminum, whose purity can reach more than 98%.

3. Heat pipe heat sink

Heat pipe heat sink is a new product which makes great improvement to many old heat sinks or heat exchange systems by using heat pipe technology and principle.
Benefits: Heat from the cold cooling system without fans, no noise, no maintenance, safe and reliable, heat pipe air self-cooling can replace even water cooling system, water saving and related auxiliary equipment investment. In addition, the heat pipe heat sink was also able to heat concentration, even seal, and move the heat dissipation part outside or in the distance, dust-proof, moisture-proof, explosion-proof, improve the safety and reliability of the electrical equipment and the application scope, the heat pipe heat sink than entity can improve the performance of more than ten times.

4. Zipper Fin heat sink

Zipper Fin heat sink also known as stamping heat sinks, the fins are pressed together by stamping equipment or pressed into slots in the base.

Benefits: By breaking through the limitation of aluminum extrusion industry in multiple of the height and thickness of heat sink fins or complicated structure of the fins, we can produce higher density heat sinks. Can choose different fin material, and the production efficiency of the product is higher, the product cost is lower.

5. Bonded fin heat sink

  1. Because the aluminum extrusion heat sink cannot break through the ratio limit of blade thickness and length, it adopts the glued type heat sink. This kind of heat sink usually fixes the aluminum or copper blades on the heat-dissipating base with grooves by using heat-dissipating glue or solder.
  2. Benefits:  It breaks through the limitations of extrusion molding, riveting and other processes in the processing of blade thickness and length; Higher density heat sink can be made.Different fin materials can be used, which has certain flexibility in MOQ.

6. Cold forging heat sink

  1. Cold forging heat sink is a net forming process. The parts formed by this method have high strength and precision and good surface quality. The weight of a single piece of gear formed by cold forging can reach more than 1kg, and the accuracy of tooth shape can reach to level 7. The main principle of shunt forging is to establish a material shunt cavity or channel in the forming part of the blank or die. 
  2. Benefits: The price of cold forging is not high, which can effectively control the cost; High capacity, suitable for mass production; Mold production cycle is short, generally 10 to 15 days; One time molding, heat dissipation performance and material heat dissipation performance are consistent, post-processing procedures are few and simple.

7. LED heat sink

  1. LED heat sink is usually aimed at high-power electronic components heat sink, no external power supply, natural cooling. Most are made of aluminum alloy profile, according to the size of the components cut into the required size.
  2. Benefits: Lighter weight, safer; High degree of freedom of design; Convenient processing and forming, good mass production; The overall cost is lower than that of metal (non-isolated power supply design, etc.); No need for secondary processing, more environmentally friendly.


8. BGA heat sink

  1. BGA heat sink is used to cool integrated circuits, and the device encapsulated with this technology is a surface-mount device.
  2. Benefits and applications: Good electrical insulation characteristics, high packing density; Good thermal compatibility with PCB board; Good electrical. low cost.

  3. Applications in the field of computer, automotive, communications and a variety of passive devices, among which the most common are arrays, networks and connectors. Its specific applications include walkie-talkie, MP3 player, digital camera and PDA.

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