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Custom Cold Plate Design

Custom Cold Plate Design


liquid cooled cold plates offer superior cooling for high power electronic devices, and can be purchased as standard cold plates or can be custom designed. One custom cold plate is needed when there are some special shape or interface requirements or an extreme performance requirement. An extreme performance requirement occurs when the specified standard cold plate performance cannot be uniformly applied across the entire cold plate or the cost of a compliant cold plate would be too high. A thermal map, or the distribution of heat loads, may have one or some areas with high heat loads. If there are cold plate surface temperature uniformity requirements, special shape or interface deign requirements, or cost limitations that a standard cold plate design can not meet these requirement, then a custom cold plate is the liquid cool solutions. Understanding cold plate manufacturing technologies, thermal specifications, and the steps involved in the cold plate design process will help us to provide the design custom cold plate design so it provides the best value possible.


To obtain the best custom liquid cool solution, Lori needs the participation of the design engineers at the beginning of the process. Although each custom cold plate is different, the fundamentals of the design are the same. We use advanced thermal analysis software to simulate your thermal loads, and then Our teams create a custom cold plate design that meets or exceeds your requirements, and is cost-effective and reliable.

 Cold Plate Types and Technologies 

Cold plate Performance requirements generally dictate choice of cold plate technology and design, and cold plate technology will affect cold plate cost. Generally speaking, the cost of cold plate will increase with improving performance. Cold plate main types include pressure pipe cold plate (also called hi-contact cold plate), gun-drilled cold plate, channeled cold plate, brazed cold plate, etc. The channel of cold plates can be cnc machined, extrusion, friction welding channel,

And the cold plate machining channel according to the different ways of welding is divided into vacuum brazing, friction stir welding and other processes. The fins in the channel can also be divided into many types according to the process, such as profile, skived fin, welding, and so on.

Pressure pipe cold plate

Pressure pipe cold plate have copper or stainless steel pipes pressed into a channeled aluminum extrusion, which include the hi-contact liquid cold plate. Custom pipe cold plates can be designed in virtually any shape or size and the fluid path can be custom designed for optimal thermal performance. Custom machined, extrusion, friction welding channels, coatings, drilling, and tapping may be incorporated as well.

Gun-drilled cold plate

Gun-drilled cold plate is fabricated by drilling a hole through an aluminum plate, and, when applicable, inserting and expanding copper or stainless steel pipe. The results in dual-sided cold plate that can be drilled or tapped. One additional benefit of gun-drilled cold plate is that they can have tighter tolerances than pressed pipe cold plate, specifically for the flatness requirements.

Custom cold plate

Lori works closely with our customers to design and manufacture custom cold plates that meet our customers’ specifications for specified thermal performance, pressure drop, required weight, and manufacturing cost, prototypes service.

As one of professional liquid cold plate manufacturers, we create custom cold plate for every industry! If you need custom cold plate, please let us know about your project. Lori can help you. 

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