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PTC heater solution

PTC heater solutions

A method of skived fin PTC heater made from aluminum tube

Heater products are used in the field of household appliances heating equipment, such as air conditioning auxiliary heating, heater, Yuba, etc. PTC ceramic is used as the core of heating element, compared with the traditional heating wire, electrical heated tube and far infrared quartz heater, it can automatically control the temperature, with a wide range of voltage, no flame, safe and reliable as well as long life. PTC heater generally adopts brazing or gluing aluminum strip structure, the aluminum tube and the aluminum strip for heat dissipation are bonded by silica gel. In addition, there are also a small number of use of skived fin structure, that is, aluminum tube and heat aluminum strip is an integral structure.

Double sided skived fin heat sink tube for PTC heater

Double skived fin heat sink tube for PTC heater is that cutting out fins on the up and down surface of aluminumprofile, and the PTC element with insulation paper and conductive electrode used after parcel into skiving heat sink (also known as the skived heat sink or skived fin heat sink), and pressurize and seal both sides of the tube. so as to make the PTC element and electrodes and skived heat sink joint closely, which can achieve full heat dissipation effect. With the help of the core heater elements of special characteristics of positive temperature coefficient, it is advantageous to the play of heater power. But there is a large weakness of skived heat sink in PTC heater, PTC element and conductive electrode piece wrapped and put in to the skived heat sink tube, it is necessary to press the protruding parts on both sides of the tube, if aluminum hardness is too high, it will make the heater strength decline and affect the heater power uniformity due to the effect of pressure which cause the fin root part of fracture. And if the hardness of the aluminum is low, the force of the skived knife used to skiving fin of the aluminum profile will easily deform the tube, thus affecting the assembly of PTC.

Double sided skived fin tube solution for PTC heater 

To solve the above technical problems, Lori provides a manufacturing method of aluminum tube used for PTC heater with skived fin. Include the following steps:

Step 1: metal aluminum profile is produced by extrusion molding. The metal aluminum profile is a prismatic structure with a set length, and a hollow chamber is arranged along its length direction.

Step 2: aging treatment is carried out on the metal aluminum profiles, so that the Webster hardness is controlled between 6-12 degrees;

Step 3: slice the upper surface and the lower surface of the aging treated metal aluminum profiles at a set distance,and then fold them up into an upright state to form a fin, and finally form a skivied fin PTC heater

Double skived fin heat sink advantages in PTC heater field

Double Skived fin heat sink tube for PTC heater are used in the field of household appliances heating equipment, such as air conditioning auxiliary heating, heater, Yuba, small air conditioner for car, etc. 

1. Skived fin can achieve ultra-thin and high-density fin structure to maximize the thermal conductivity

2. Various shapes and structures of internal tubes can be realized, suitable for various PTC heating devices

3. Fin bending structure can increase the heat dissipation area and enhance the wind diversion to reduce wind resistance

4. The integrated structure can completely avoid the heat loss caused by welding or brazing, minimize the cost and enhance the performance of heat conduction.

5.PTC elements and electrode plates are tightly attached to the heat sink, which can achieve the effect of full heat dissipation, and can also realize the fully sealed insulation structure of PTC heater.

Lori have 10 years of experience in skving fin. It has the advantages of high production capacity, high quality and low price on skvied fin heat sink tube for PTC heater. Currently, it is exported to customers in Japan, Germany, France, Italy and other countries, and has been widely praised by customers.

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