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If you put your hand on the heat sink fan on the back of the projector after working for a long time, you will obviously feel a hot heat emitting. Do you know where the heat is coming from? Will the projector be harmed if the heat is not flushed out in time? So how do we take measures to let the projector heat effectively? Lori is a project heat sink manufaturer, we will explain these questions one by one! 

As we all know, the projector generally consists of projection imaging system and optical amplifier system, the projection signal usually by imaging technology of special treatment of the projector, into image signal, and then through the amplification of optical amplifier system, projector could be high quality, high-definition projection signal is projected on the projection screen. In imaging processing projection when the input signal of the projector, projector need high brightness intensity, to ensure that the brightness of the high strength lose out, projector, you must use the light source of high power, the power source of light in the long time work will accumulate a lot of heat, the heat gathering in a space that only fist size of the projector, so such a concentration of heat, so strong power this spread to the projector peripheral. In addition to the projector imaging system can produce a lot of heat when working, the projector switching power supply can also emit a lot of heat when working, so we think that the projector power supply is another important source of projector heat. The power supply inside the projector bears the task of supplying electricity to the projector circuit and the projector bulb. According to the special requirements of projection, the projection bulb must always work in a stable state to ensure a good projection effect. From this perspective, the projector power supply must be collected by the method of proportional PWM step-down and voltage regulator, steady power grid, and in dealing with these links when the power switch tube and power supply using the projector work at higher frequency transformer, power switch tube in the process of frequently work will naturally produce considerable switch loss, the loss will transfer into heat, and thus make the temperature inside the projector. In addition, the power supply used by the projector is limited by the size of the projector itself, and the volume of the power supply is also very small, so the heat generated by the switching power consumption is more easily concentrated. Also, in order to achieve high brightness projection, people must adopt more powerful projection lamp, now cast film machine is widely used metal halogen bulbs, UHE, UHP lamp bulb of the three light source, the common characteristics of these bulbs are high calorific value, high to the projector cooling system requirement, the light bulb after optical system will gather, convergence on LCD panels, although after UV/IR coating, a variety of filter out infrared measures such as cold mirror, but still have a lot of heat concentrated on the small devices such as LCD panels, polaroid. Everyone in the reading of the projector and the number of products, must be noticed that one of the parameters of bulb power, in fact, the projector can cast a light, rely on the backlight bulb, high brightness projector need strength, can clear norm of the image projected on the screen, so its power is generally in more than 100 w, in such a narrow space within the projector work continuously for a long time, the light bulb will be a great heat. At the same time, the built-in projector regulated power supply, will also send out a lot of heat, if not in time to the heat, will make the projector to a high temperature, internal under the condition of high temperature, the working efficiency of the projector will be low, and work for a long time, will shorten the service life of the projector, in fact most of the electrical appliances have no ability to bear high temperature for a long time continuously.

Give off a lot of calories by projection imaging system can cause the projector internal temperatures soared, the projector bulb inside wall of the quartz devitrification happens at high temperature, produce white spots, due to the devitrification in a large number of blocking the light, make the local abnormal temperature increases, resulting in devitrification area further, so that the brightness quickly failure, and is likely to lead to the light bulb explosion.In addition, the physical properties of the internal projector chip board itself determines that its operating temperature is not allowed to be too high, other optical components once the temperature exceeds its tolerance range will also cause damage to the optical elements.The heat emitted by the power supply of the projector will lead to the excessive temperature of the power supply, which will lead to the drying of the electrolytic capacitor of the internal power supply of the projector, thus causing the power switch tube of the power supply of the projector to burn down.

Therefore, how to effectively uniform heat dissipation for the projector, has become the majority of projector users and manufacturers most concerned about the problem, Lori as a projector heat sink manufacturer, we have design and provide some good thermal solution for projector. We can provide custom projector heat sink manufacturing and design service.


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