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Cpu heat sink

CPU heatsink is divided into passive heatsink and active heat sink,  active cpu heatsink main body consists of heat sink and fan, because the heat sink is directly in contact with the surface of the CPU, so its thermal conductivity to a large extent affects the overall heat dissipation effect. Heat sink material on market at present is in the majority with aluminum alloy, in fact, aluminum is not the metal with best coefficient of thermal conductivity, Silver worked best, followed by copper and aluminum. Manufacture options include extruded and zipper fin, skived fin  types and integrated heat pipes and copper bases for high performance cooling in a smaller form factor. Lori can provided  high quality CPU heatsink or CPU cooler on the market for Intel and AMD processors for maximum cooling of your CPU. Our  thermal solution for interl cpu process with low impedance or high power dissipation.

Lori cpu heat sink benefits as following:

1. Maximum Performance utilizing high density fin manufacture for increased surface area and reduced solution size.

2. Thin fins  structure reduce pressure drop, improves system airflow, and reduces fan costs.

3. Lori designed cpu cooler meet all Intel standards and requirements, including mounting hardware, stiffness, and performance. 

4. Specialized thermal grease formulated, suitable for high performance pre‐applied to base and protected with individual grease shield.

5. Pre‐assembled with captive mounting hardware and ready for installation with instruction label.

6. Precise surface flatness and high performance thermal grease ensure minimal interfacial resistance.

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