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Automotive electronics

Automotive electronics

The popularity of new energy vehicles benefits from the progress of new energy vehicle technology, one of which is new energy vehicle cooling technology.The new energy automobile heat dissipation unit mainly has the power battery and the drive motor and the electric control system.Water cooling and air cooling are the two main ways of heat dissipation of new energy vehicles from the perspective of traditional engine heat dissipation technology and practical application effect of heat dissipation of new energy vehicles.

Comparison of water cooling and air cooling in new energy vehicles:

Cooling mode: water cooling(liquid cooling plate)

Advantages: 1. Uniform heat dissipation, high heat dissipation efficiency, good heat dissipation effect;2. Strong working reliability;3. Good weather resistance and little environmental influence;4. Relatively small noise;

Disadvantages: 1. Complex heat dissipation system structure, high safety level requirements;2. High cost;3. Difficulty in after-sales maintenance;

Heat dissipation: air cooling (heatpipe heat sink+fan)

Advantages 1. The heat dissipation system has simple structure, few components and light overall quality;2. Low cost;3. Less difficulty in after-sales maintenance;

Disadvantages: 1. Uneven heat dissipation, low heat dissipation efficiency, poor heat dissipation effect;2. Poor working reliability;

At present, water cooling is the main heat dissipation method of the motor in the industry. Lori can provide customized water cooling and thermal solutions.

Water cooling principle of new energy vehicle:

The power battery and the drive motor system are designed with waterways reserved.When the drive motor works, it generates heat, and the coolant flows through the water jacket to take heat away and enter the radiator of the water tank.The radiator is integrated with the electronic fan, and the electronic fan accelerates the cooling of the water tank to cool the coolant and achieve the normal operating temperature required by the driving motor.The cooling liquid flows through the driving motor again and circulates.

Application of two heat dissipation technologies for new energy vehicles

Compared with water cooling system, it has many components, responsible structure and large space occupation.Therefore, the new energy passenger cars, new energy passenger cars to water cooling, pure electric tricycles and so on are based on air cooling.

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