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Thermal Solutions

 Thermal solutions for industries


The heat sink is used to solve the problem that some equipment produces a large amount of heat when it is working, and the excess heat cannot dissipate quickly and accumulate to produce high temperature, which may destroy the working equipment. Heat sink is attached to a good heat conduction medium on heating equipment, acting as a middleman, sometimes on the basis of heat conduction medium will also add a fan and other things to accelerate the heat dissipation effect. But sometimes heat sinks also act as bandits, such as in refrigerators where the heat is forced out to reach temperatures lower than room temperature. As the leading manufacturer of heat dissipation solutions, LORI has been aware of the heat dissipation bottleneck and established a heat dissipation research and development team. With rich heat dissipation processing experience, LORI focuses on heat dissipation design and development. We can provide professional and reliable cooling solutions for customers to solve the problem of product cooling, and improve the efficiency of product cooling.

Automotive Electronics Thermal Solutions

Temperature management has always been a challenge in automotive electronics systems, which typically require the system to work at ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 65°C. The ambient temperature inside the housing will rise by about 20°C, so the maximum ambient temperature that PCB board needs to bear will be as high as + 85°C.

Then, further focus on local areas, such as power supply, CPU and other modules will be a major heat source, aggravating the environmental temperature inside the casing, the harsh environment has actually approached the temperature limit of many chips. Therefore, in the early stage of system design, thermal management strategy and corresponding measures must be planned.

The effective thermal solution provided by Lori is to add a heat sink with fan. When designing heat sink and fans at the same time, Lori has well controlled the cost and noise of heat sink.

 The Laser Equipment Thermal Solutions

The application of laser equipment has played a good role in promoting social development. As users and producers of these devices. Despite the sophistication of the technology, there are some small problems. In particular, heat dissipation is inevitable, but the perfect combination of good heat dissipation and equipment is a tricky problem.

Laser generation is complex, involving light, atoms and other physical knowledge, but no matter what purpose of laser equipment, when working will produce a lot of heat. Heat is the scariest for industrial and medical devices, and can have a big impact if not released in time. Light will burn laser equipment, heavy will affect production and use.

Lori has an extensive portfolio of thermal management solutions and engineering and manufacturing expertise to assist in the development and production of comprehensive cooling solutions. Providing customers with air-cooled or liquid-cooled heat sink, fans, heat pipe heat sink, and more, Lori can help design, manufacture, and test optimized solutions from prototypes to mass-produced technologies.

 Electric Power&Power Supply Thermal Solutions

As the demand for energy and power grows steadily, so does the power density, requiring more powerful cooling to keep applications performing at their best. Lori continues to innovate to provide better, more reliable thermal management for power generation devices, inverters and converters, and battery systems.

Engaged in the electric power industry knows that need a lot of distribution facilities, distribution ark inside have to deposit a large amount of power or communications equipment. But these devices work in for a long period of time will inevitably be in the process of power distribution cabinet internal temperature, power distribution cabinet internal high temperature to work properly, which will seriously affect the equipment delay our normal work schedule. Therefore, the heat dissipation of our power distribution cabinet cannot be ignored and needs to be paid attention to.

Lori's highly engineered customized solutions continue to drive advances in power generation technology. Utilizing optimized thermal technology solutions and systems includes liquid cooling systems, two phase cooling components, and more traditional air cooling and natural convection solutions.Based on applications, environments, and requirements, the Lori engineering team developed an optimized solution to ensure the equipment is robust, reliable, and operates at maximum efficiency.

 Industrial Lighting Thermal Solutions

At present, as towards high power leds, a lot of power type LED drive current of 70 ma and 100 ma even 1 a, current increases while can improve the brightness of the LED, power, but it will cause the chip internal heat accumulation, LED to the decrease of the light wavelength drift, the light efficiency and phosphor accelerated aging and shorten the service life and so on a series of problems.The engineering team of Lori has made some thermal solution for the problem of high-power LED. At present, Lori provides customers with a combination of high-power thermal solutions, such as skived fin, heat pipe and fan. Provides LED cooling performance and long service life. Make LED safe and reliable, high temperature resistance, good use effect.

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