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Consumer electronic

Notebook computer

Notebook computer because of its small, easy to carry and other characteristics by everyone's love, heat problem is also more and more, high-performance heat sink becomes essential, the following is Lori thermal team to introduce the structure of the notebook heat sink, heat dissipation principle and heat dissipation skills.

Heat pipe heat sink: similar to the CPU heat dissipation, heat dissipation of the notebook is also through the heat pipe to transfer the heat to the fan, because the notebook needs to do relatively thin, the heat pipe is also made of flat.In addition to material and quantity, notebook heat pipe layout, length, thickness are greatly affecting the heat dissipation performance of the notebook.Heat pipe layout test manufacturers in the motherboard design ability, generally speaking, CPU and graphics card should be as close as possible to the cooling fan, so that the heat pipe can be quickly extended to the cooling fan, midway should not be close to such as memory, hard disk and other heating elements.Heat pipe length should be as short as possible, heat pipe too long will lead to low thermal conductivity.To shorten the length of the heat pipe, on the one hand, the distance between the CPU and the fan should be close; on the other hand, a good position should be reserved in the design of the main board, so that the heat pipe can be closer to the fan. The straight line between the two points is the shortest.

Fans: the main emphasis here is on the number of fans.For the reason of cost saving or design is not good at all, some manufacturers launched the independent graphics card notebook only with a fan, for the mainstream game graphics card, is obviously not enough.For independent graphics games, two or even three fans are necessary.CPU and graphics card cooling fan separate, to have a better cooling effect, Lori team is happy to solve your laptop cooling problem.

Audio power amplifier equipment

Power amplifier referred to as amplifiers, commonly known as "amplifiers", is the most basic equipment in the sound system, its task is to signal from the source (professional audio system is from the mixer) of the weak electrical signal to amplify to drive the speaker sound.

Power amplifier is the largest family of all kinds of audio equipment. Its function is to amplify the weak signal input by audio source equipment and generate enough current to push the speaker to play the sound again.Due to the consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamic and different use range and control regulation function, different power amplifier in the internal signal processing, circuit design and production process are also different.The function of the amplifier is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source or the pre-amplifier and push the sound box to sound.The role of a good sound system power amplifier, in order to achieve the best effect of power amplifier, power has become, the greater the power specific heatsink cooling problem needed to solve, Lori production of stack fin heatsink can completely solve the problem of high power heatsink, heatsink advantage is low cost, high thermal efficiency, is currently the best choice to power amplifier equipment heat dissipation.

Frequency shift amplifier is widely used in high-end multimedia classrooms, training rooms, small conference rooms or other simple occasions of sound amplification. The microphone can be directly connected to frequency shift amplifier, which can also effectively suppress the noise of the microphone on the speaker, and support background music access for sound amplification. In the future, power amplifier equipment will be more and more widely used.

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