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Friction stir welding

Friction stir welding technology
Friction Stir Welding

Friction Stir Welding Advantage

In the process of friction stir welding, the peak temperature is always below the melting point of the material to be jointed, so as to avoid structural changes and welding defects (such as holes and cracks) caused by melting and solidification. Compared with other welding technologies, friction stir welding heat input is low, so the weld strength is high and there is almost no deformation after welding.

Friction stir welding technology has the characteristics of environmental protection. Compared with other welding processes, friction stir welding consumes less energy and does not require chemical pretreatment. In addition, when welding, there is no arc radiation, smoke and splash, and the noise is low, so the pollution to the working environment is small. At the same time, the welding process does not need additional materials and protective gas. Friction stir welding technology is a worthy "green technology".

Friction Stir Welding Application

The Friction Stir Welding process has initially been used in most industrialised countries. Friction stir welding and its variants – friction stir spot welding and friction stir processing – are used for the following industrial applications: shipbuilding and offshore, aerospace,automotive,  rolling stock for railways, general fabrication, robotics, and computers.

Lori use Friction stir welding for heat sink jointing or process flow channel for liquid cold plate. We called friction stir welding heat sink, friction stir welded cold plate. 


Friction Stir Welding heat sink

Friction stir welding technology can connect the extruded small-sized fin-type heat dissipation devices into large-sized fin-type heat sink products, with beautiful appearance and high production efficiency.  The heat sink made by friction stir welding technology has the characteristics of good heat conduction, corrosion resistance, light quality and low tooling cost,  short cycle time and higher stability. etc. It is suitable for high power, power ac/dc and other products with wide heat dissipation area to realize heat dissipation to a large extent and ensure the normal operation of the electronic system.

Friction Stir Welding cold plate

Compared with traditional air cooled heat sink, liquid cooled cold plate are small in size and high in heat transfer efficiency, which is suitable for limited installation space, such as aircraft, radar, armored vehicles and electronic products. Friction welding cold plate through friction welding, can achieve the same thickness but larger than the embedded tube flow, and further reduce the thermal resistance. Especially in dealing with complex flow channels and some of the high and low flow channel is more flexible.The maximum size of our company's friction stir welding process can reach 1500*1500 mm, and the welding depth is 26 mm. Friction stir welding technology is used to manufacture liquid cold plate heat sink with good sealing, high yield and simple technology.  

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