Pure Copper Skived Fin And  CNC Processing Heat Sinks
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Cold forging is to recrystallization temperature of profile below (generally refers to room temperature) forming processing, forging technology. Cold forging material is mostly below room temperature deformation resistance is lesser, plasticity better aluminum and partial alloy, copper and partial alloy, cold forging can make profile produces work hardening in processing process (strain hardening), can make intensity and hardness increase.

Cold forging technique has been widely used by heat sink manufacturers in the production of light source heat sinks and LED heat sinks. LORI is one of the few companies who used cold forging to produce heat sinks in early days and we have accumulated abundant experience of cold forging techniques. In addition to the production of heat sinks for typical light sources, LORI has gained experiences in the manufacturing techniques for high power cold forging heat sinks. We have resolved the problems such as the low thermal conductivity of die-casting micro-channels and higher costs for machining micro-channels. We have already applied our expertise to cooling solutions including high-voltage inverters, wind power converters, and electric motor controllers.

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