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Inverter Heat Sink 

Nowadays, the development trend of inverter power supply is high power, high reliability and miniaturization. Because of this, make the high power inverter power density increases continuously. The high temperature caused by high power density will have a serious impact on most electronic components, which will lead to the failure of electronic components, and then cause the failure of the whole inverter.Therefore, thermal design plays an important role in the design of the whole inverter. The traditional thermal design first calculates the allowable thermal resistance of the heat sink, then selects the corresponding inverter heat sink according to the thermal resistance, and finally tests whether the junction temperature of the switch tube is within the allowable range. If the requirements are not met, the process of revision, redesign and re-inspection is repeated, which wastes both time and raw materials. Obviously, this traditional thermal design method can not meet the needs of modern production. In order to reduce the design cost, improve the success rate of the product. To improve the performance of electronic products, thermal simulation technology is more and more widely used in the thermal analysis process of electronic equipment. With the help of thermal simulation, Lori can reduce the development cost and shorten the development cycle of electronic equipment with high performance and high reliability. Lori use the general finite element analysis software ANSYS for thermal analysis, and the module builds the heat sink model of the high power inverter, simulates the actual working conditions for simulation, so as to optimize the inverter heat sink design

 Lori is manufacturer and supplier of inverter heat sink, we can provide inverter heat sink design and manufacturing. We recognize the industry demand for short lead time thus we specialize in prompt and professional service. Our factory manufacture high quality inverter heat sinks using AL6063 alloy that is most widely used because it is extrudable into complex shapes and lends itself to anodized coating. The T5/T6 temper provides sufficient hardness. We have built a reputation in the manufacturing sector as a trusted manufacturer of aluminum extrusion and its products.

We have provided best inverter heat sink and aluminum inverter heat sink enclosure for the all inverter cusomer of the all world. we are the professional aluminum inverter heat sink factory, welcome to check the quality and size! our company locate in Shenzhen, Various surface treatments, anodize, sandblast,  drawing polishing, electroplating , silkscreen  printing  inverter heat sink can be available.

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