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IGBT heat sink

Motor controller Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, the IGBT) heat dissipation performance increasingly become motor IGBT now entering the industrial power electronics market, such as (welding) heat sink, traction inverter, motor drive, etc. LORI provides IGBT heat sink assembly products that allow IGBT to work at higher temperature enclosure while keeping the working junction temperature within a safe range by combining low thermal resistance with Vce(on) silicon.

IGBT in most cases the work to a high power device, high power means higher heat dissipation, IGBT is toward large capacity, high frequency, easy to drive, low loss, modular, points out the direction of development, compared with other power electronic devices, IGBT heat sink has high reliability, simple drive, easy to protect, there is no buffer circuit and switching frequency is high, so the IGBT heat sink in the electronic market becomes very necessary. In order to achieve these high performance, many processes used in integrated circuits, such as epitaxy, ion implantation, fine lithography, etc. In recent years, the performance of power IGBT module heat sink has been improved rapidly, the rated current has reached hundreds of amperes, the withstand voltage of more than 1500V, and is still improving. Since IGBT devices have positive characteristics of PIN diode, the characteristics of p-channel power IGBT module heat sink are not much different from that of n-channel IGBT, which is very conducive to adopting complementary structure in the application, thus expanding its application in the field of ac and digital control technology. The biggest advantage of IGBT is that it can withstand current shock in either on or short circuit state. Its parallel connection is not a problem and its series connection is easy due to its short shutdown delay.

IGBT heat transfer modes usually include air cooling, water cooling, copper heat sink or aluminum heat sink. Its heat dissipation is based on the basic principle of heat transfer, a heat flow path with the lowest thermal resistance is designed for the device, so that the heat emitted by the device can be emitted as soon as possible, so as to ensure that the internal junction temperature of the device is always kept within the allowable junction temperature.

At present, the existing IGBT heat pipe heat sink in the market mainly includes heat dissipation fin, heat pipe and substrate, on which the substrate is provided with a number of parallel grooves, and then the groove is welded with solder to the evaporating section of the heat pipe. In the existing IGBT heat pipe heat sink technology, the evaporating section of the heat pipe is buried in the groove of the substrate and does not directly fit the IGBT surface. In the working process, the heat from IGBT surface is firstly exported through the substrate, and then transferred to the heat pipe and heat sink. Finally, the heat from the heat sink is transferred to the air by convection. Because the substrate itself has thermal resistance, and the thermal conductivity coefficient of heat pipe is much higher than that of the base, the thermal conductivity efficiency of heat pipe heat sink is limited, and the heat dissipation performance is reduced. IGBT heat sink can transfer the heat evenly from the substrate to the fin, which can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high heat flux, not only with high efficiency, but also with compact structure and no moving parts, which can truly realize maintenance-free.

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