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Nowadays, the electronic products around us are becoming more and more diverse. When we choose them, we will not only compare their functions, but also consider their appearance, and the appearance of thinness is the development trend of current electronic products. Therefore, there will be a challenge, that is, the internal space of electronic products is becoming more and more narrow, how to fully help the heat dissipation of electronic products in the limited space is a special concern.  So heat sink needs to be light, high thermal conductivity, flexible, Only by relying on the limited size to gives full play to the maximum heat dissipation performance, achieves for electronic product on true sense heat dissipation escort. So the choice of what kinds of heat sink materials can you make a shape size to meet the requirements and do not lose heat dissipation effect heat sink? Here's Lori taking you through some of the most common heatsink materials used to make heat sinks today.

Heat sink material-- copper 

Copper's chemical properties are unstable, and it is difficult to react with oxygen and water in the air at room temperature, so manufacturers do not need to carry out sophisticated post-processing of copper heat sink to ensure that it has a long service life. Second, the heat dissipation capacity of copper heat sink is excellent, often absorb heat quickly, heat dissipation is also fast, heat dissipation capacity and corrosion resistance capacity are stronger than aluminum. Although copper heat sink has its superiority, but the copper heat sink material’s price is often very expensive, economic condition is limited is not recommended to consider to use this kind of heat sink material commonly. And the quality of copper heat sink material is too heavy to meet the requirements of electronic products.

Heat sink material--aluminum

Aluminum heat sink material is aluminum alloy, and aluminum alloy a relatively common heat sink manufacturing material in the current market, which is more high quality aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061. Although the heat dissipation performance is not as good as copper, the heat dissipation coefficient can reach 201W/mK, which can fully meet the demand of electronic products for heat dissipation. The characteristics of light weight, simple processing, beautiful appearance and affordable make it widely used. 

The electronic heat sink produced by Lori uses aluminum alloy 6063/6061, and in order to make the heat sink appearance more decorative, longer life, more powerful heat dissipation performance, the product will be multi-channel processing technology. Through sandblasting, wire-drawing and laser technology, the heat sink surface molded more clean and smooth, more decorative. Adding electroplating, anodizing and baking process, also by adding electroplating, oxidation layer and special materials of paint on the surface to improve the overall wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the heat sink, the performance and durability of the heat sink has been improved.

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