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Electronic heat sink


What is the function of the electronic heat sink?

As the name implies, it is a device of electronic products' heat dissipation, which is mainly used to radiate the heat generated by electronic products to the inside and outside of the chassis to ensure the normal temperature of computer components. Most electronic heat sink absorb heat through contact with the surface of the heating parts, and then transfer the heat to distant places through various methods, such as the air in the case, and then the case transmits the hot air to the outside of the case to complete the cooling of the computer. At present, several main principles of the electronic heat sink are such as: the base plate vertical, fin horizontal;The base plate is horizontal and the fin is upward; The base plate is vertical and the fin is vertical.

The electronic heat sink has a base in contact with a heat source and a fin for heat dissipation. The heat dissipation area is designed according to the size of heat source energy and the temperature value of heat source. Heat dissipation area refers to the area directly in contact with the atmospheric environment. The design principle of electronic heat sink is to determine the power of the heat source, to determine the stable temperature of heat dissipation through the heat source, to determine the space available on the electrical appliances, to determine the way of heat dissipation (such as natural cooling, air cooling, water cooling).

For natural cooling, especially at lower temperatures, radiation heat dissipation is one of the important factors.The way the electronic heat sink is placed has an effect on the heat dissipation effect. The base plate is placed vertically and the fins are placed horizontally. The fins block the upward flow of hot air and have the worst heat dissipation effect. Base plate horizontal, fin upward placement, heat dissipation effect between other ways, because the fin is low, weak chimney effect. Base plate vertical, fin vertical placement, hot air is easy to upward flow, and a higher height will have a certain chimney effect, heat dissipation is better. But the chimney effect is weak, depending on where the heat source is placed.

How to choose a high cost performance  electronic heat sink 

At present the electronic heat sink on the market is various, face so complex product how should we choose after all can purchase the product that suits us most?

The kind of electronic heat sink can be roughly divided into: aluminum heat sink, bonded fin heat sink, high density fin heat sink, combination heat sink, plate heat sink, shell heat sink, skived fin heat sink, water cooling heat sink, heat pipe heat sink.

When the customer’s cooling demand is not very high and the device installation space needs to be planned, the bonded fin heat sink or the combination heat sink can be selected, these electronic heat sinks can be processed according to the user's CAD drawing requirements according to the desired dimensions and process, now, most of the bonded fin heat sink can also achieve super power cooling demand, the shape of the size is very flexible.

And when the customer's heat dissipation demand reaches a higher level, should consider to choose high density fin heat sink or water cooled heat sink and other high power electronic heat sink products. High density fin heat sink as the name implies, fin density (fin spacing) is very large, and the fin plate is high, the base plate is thick, virtually doubled the heat dissipation area, with the fan to use heat dissipation effect is more significant. The water cooled heat sink provides a more efficient electrical cooling solution, which can be divided into contact and non-contact, the fluid can directly contact the electronic device to take away the heat, or the device is attached to the surface of the water cooled heat sink internal water circulation system to take away the heat.

Besides, customer should be aware of is when the choose and buy electronic heat sink, don't just go to see the price, delivery time, also look at the stand or fall of material, such as aluminum alloy heat sink usually adopt pure aluminum or 6063 to manufacture, two materials that have good thermal conductivity compared with the thermal conductivity of the complex aluminium differential times; Because the heat dissipation cost of electronic heat sink more than half is material cost, the price of miscellaneous aluminum is low; Because this is right, especially cheap electronic heat sink, want to consider when buying the loss of heat dissipation performance that causes because of material quality.

Electronic heat sink first determine when the choose and buy to the cooling of electronic components, clarify its working parameters, working conditions, size, installation, choice of electronic heat sink bottom mounting surface are slightly larger than the components size can, because of the limitation of the installation space, electronic heat sink mainly by air convection and heat dissipation, beyond and component interface of the heat sink, the heat dissipation effect is diminishing with the increase of the distance and components.For single rib heat sink, if the required width of the heat sink in the table is vacant, can choose two or three times the width of the heat sink truncated.

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