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Features of Fanless IPC heat sink design


An ipc, the core technology in the motherboard, followed by the motherboard heat sink. Lori is a heat sink manufacturer, we specialize in designing and manufacturing heat sinks for ipc. The design and selection of the heat sink for ipc are very important. The heat dissipation performance of a heat sink depends on a number of factors. For example: air humidity, temperature, steam flow rate, heat conduction strength of other components on the motherboard radiating radiation on the heat sink plate, and the heat dissipation of the components connected to it, etc. What are the specific characteristics of the heat sink design for ipc? To summarize, our heat sink has three main characteristics.

 1. Smoothness of heat dissipation contact surface

The fan-free CPU cooling block plane of ipc has smooth contact with the contact surface at the bottom of the chassis heat sink, which can transfer heat to the heat sink.

2. Good air mobility

In the design of fan-less idc heat sink, lori generally adopts the shape of aluminum profile fin with increased area, which can make the air pass through the heat sink quickly and transmit to all the heat sinks.

3.  Installation method

In order to ensure good heat release ability, the pressure between the heat sink fin and the heat sink plate must be very high. At this time, 2mm stainless steel screws are used for fixed installation.

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