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Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum alloy is a hot heatsink manufacturing material on the market, among which aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 are relatively high quality. Although the heat dissipation performance is not as good as copper, the heat dissipation coefficient can reach 201W/mK, which can fully meet the requirements for heat dissipation of electronic products. With the characteristics of light weight, simple processing, beautiful appearance and affordable price, it is widely used.

We need to take into account the thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and magnetic properties of the profile when cooling various types of equipment, And the aluminum alloy stands out in the numerous material, has become at present each kind of heat sink manufacture first material.

And to aluminum heatsink and aluminum heat sink extrusions, a lot of people can feel very strange, because it is stored inside equipment, on each kind of product not can be exposed directly. And Lori is a professional research and development in the production of aluminum heatsink manufacturers, and other manufacturers, we have a combination of the material extruded aluminum heatsink, research and development design, the thermal simulation test, the production ability, can independently complete process, our aluminum heat sinks are mainly for new energy, power supply, electric welding machine and other large power device cooling.

Aluminum heatsink has a lot of application scenarios, such as air compressor internal heat dissipation, internal heat dissipation of home host computer, chassis heat dissipation, CPU heat dissipation, graphics card heat sink, etc., these are inseparable from the support of aluminum heat sink.

The aluminum heatsink produced by LORI uses aluminum alloy 6063/6061, and in order to make the appearance of the heat sink more decorative, longer life and stronger heat dissipation performance. It will carry out multiple processing processes on the product. Through sandblasting, wire-drawing and laser process, the heat sink surface is more clean and smooth, more decorative. In addition to electroplating, anodizing and baking process, the overall wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the heat sink are improved qualitatively by adding electroplating layer, oxidation layer and special paint on the surface.

In today's development of lightweight electronic products, LORI strives to adapt to the development trend and adopts high quality materials to custom aluminum heat sinks. In terms of quality, LORI heat sink is light and ultra-thin, with refined appearance and excellent cooling ability, so as to provide customers with reliable products and meticulous services.

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