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Brazing Heat Sink

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Brazed Fin Heat Sink

Brazed heat sink is nearly the same as bonded fin heat sink. Like bonded fin, lori brazed fin heat sink consist of a base, fins, and some braze material to join these parts together. Base usually have tight grooves for the braze material to wick into. Another advantage of brazed fin heat sink have the added bonus of a stronger connection with less interface resistance between the base and fins.

What’s the difference between brazing heat sink and soldering heat sink?

Brazing sounds a lot like soldering. Brazing essentially is soldering, only at a much higher temperature (450°C or above, or 840°F). The higher temperature opens the door to a wider material selection, which includes our favorites, aluminum. The two processes use a filler material, such as  a solder, to join the metal blocks together. If the metals and atmosphere need it, the flux is added to the mix to prevent oxidation of the connection.

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