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Power Quality SVG Cooling Solution
Lori's Power Quality SVG Cooling Solution

Lori is a professional high-power heatsink manufacturers, with first-class thermal design and development team, with reliable thermal simulation, thermal testing capabilities, for many domestic and foreign inverter manufacturers to provide heat dissipation solutions, and long-term to provide professional heat dissipation technical service support.

SVG Cooling Solution

SVG is a high-efficiency, high-reliability and pollution-free high-voltage and high-power power quality control device. The main function of this reactive power compensation device in the power supply system is to improve the power factor of the power grid, reduce the power loss on the power supply transformer side and the power loss on the transmission line, and improve the power supply efficiency of the power system. Thus improving the power supply environment of the power network. When SVG works, it will cause device heating and temperature height due to power loss, and the most important heating component is IGBT power module. With the development of IGBT chip technology, the volume of IGBT itself is getting smaller and smaller, but the power consumption is getting larger and larger, and the heat flux is also greatly improved. The high temperature of components will shorten the service life of components, and may even cause burning in serious cases, which is the main reason for limiting the current and voltage capacity of power electronic devices. Although the failure of electronic components will be affected by a variety of factors, the most important factor is temperature. Therefore, the heat dissipation of SVG must be considered in the use process, and the heat sink with good heat dissipation performance should be used to extend the service life of SVG and reduce the failure rate of SVG. In order to better solve the heat dissipation problem of SVG equipment, the R&D team of Lori Technology has weighed the advantages and disadvantages of air cooling and liquid cooling, combined with the development status of SVG equipment, and developed a liquid cooling solution for high heat flux SVG equipment.

Power Quality SVG Heatsink Thermal Analysis

Lori can provide high quality SVG heatsinks with excellent heat dissipation performance. Our customer is an internationally renowned power quality SVG R&D and production enterprise. Lori has maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship with the customer to develop and design high-power quality SVG heatsinks for their products. The following is the simulation test of the SVG gear shaper heatsinks that we have done for the customer
Below, the temperature rise is less than 35℃, which meets the requirements set by customers.

Lori SVG Heatsink Center

Lori Technology provides power quality SVG heat dissipation technology and production services for customers' requirements of power quality SVG heat dissipation. The heatsinks we provide for power quality SVG are mainly power quality SVG high power heat pipe insert heatsink, high density heat pipe shovel tooth heat sink and so on. Need more new power quality SVG cooling solutions please contact us!

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