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Folded Fin

Folded Fin 

When we hear folding, most of the time, we don't initially consider folded fin heat sink. We first think of folding typical daily items like laundry or paper. Most of us don't think or know that folding has great technical applications. Science, technology and engineering have used folding as a resource for innovation in a variety of fields. Material innovations that increase the strength or flexibility of individual material plates stem from folding research. Folding improves the storage of airbags for vehicles or solar arrays for space applications. Foldable batteries, circuits and foldable robot forms are pushing the use of electronics and robotics.

Lori is folded fin heat sink manufacturers, can apply folded fin technology in thermal management. In the field of thermal management, folded fin allows us to increase the surface area within a given volume. Surface area is critical for effective heat transfer. Single piece folded fin also minimize the number of components used to assemble heat transfer assemblies, such as folded fin heat sinks or larger heat exchangers. Because the folded fin stack is made of a single piece of material, it can reduces machine set up time, assembly and processing time, and scrap material.

Folded fin are available in a variety of materials and types. Most materials that can be form into thin sheets and are easy to fold can be used as folded fin materials. In thermal management, copper and aluminum are the most popular materials, because they have the highest thermal conductivity and can be available materials. Copper and aluminum folded fins are the default materials used in LORI. Stainless steel, copper nickel alloy, titanium alloy, inconel or other nickel alloy are other common folding fin materials. Their use is heat transfer assemblies is highly dependent on the final application.You can use these materials in LORI by selecting the custom option in the project's heat sink design page.

copper folded fin and aluminum base

Plain flat crest is the most common type of folded fin, since the crests or tops are where the fin stack is usually joined with a heatsink base. The plain flat crest fin maximize the ared of surface contact with the heat sink base, so the most heat can transfer from the heat sink base to the folded fin. These are the types of fins used in Lori. Other types of fins are also available, but their application is specific, just like materials other than aluminum and copper. These fin typs include round crest folded fins, semi-flat crest folded fins, double corrugation louvered fins, lanced offset fins, wavy, and ruffled &herringbone fins.



           H                 N                    M            D       W              Thickness(T)
         5~1000              1.5~50               1.5~50           3~120       ~               0.1~1



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