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Copper heat sink

copper heatsink
Copper heat sink features

A copper heatsink is sometimes used as a heat sink as  it has high thermal conductivity. This can be observed if you heat one end of a piece of copper, the other end will quickly reach the same temperature, Because copper's high thermal conductivity allows heat to pass through it quickly. So the heat dissipation capacity of copper heat sink is excellent, often heat absorption is fast, heat dissipation is also fast, heat dissipation capacity is stronger than aluminum material


The main features of copper being chosen as the material for the heat sink include:

Copper has good heat conductively

Thermal conductivity is 401 W/mk

Desity is  8.9kg/m3 (0.321 lb/in³)

Copper  heatsink main manufacturing process:

1.Copper bonded fin heatsink

Copper bonded fin heatsink is composed of a heat sink base and fins, and  fins are disposed on the heat sink base. The  base and fins are made of copper. Machining  several grooves on the base , and the width of the groove is slightly wider than the thickness of the fin, and inserted the processed fins into the grooves, and the fins are positioned by a special tool, and then inserted thin knife type tool between the two  fins to apply pressure to base, the roots of the fins are fixed , and finally flatten the surface of the base. It can also be processed by a welding process. The advantages are high heat dissipation efficiency, small device size and low cost.

2. Copper skived heatsink

Copper skived heatsink by using a copper profile to make the copper base and copper fin. To skiving the full copper material into a thin or straight or spiral or wave fin high-conductivity product, and without any connection point, heat conduction efficiency can reach 100% of the material. The skived fin can make the heat sink thinner and improve the heat dissipation efficiency. The skving process can achieve several times of the thermal conductivity of the common extruded material in a specific size, and the processing process is simple.

3. Copper stamping heatsink

The copper fin can be stamped into the desired shape. Usually used in traditional air-cooled electronic devices, it is often used to provide an inexpensive way to dissipate heat for devices with low heat. Due to the use of advanced molds and high-speed stamping technology, stamped  fin heat sinks are ideal for mass production.

Copper vs aluminum heatsink:

Materials Used to Manufacture heat sink are usually copper and aluminum, Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Copper has good heat conductively, but it is expensive, difficult to process and too heavy. ( some full copper heat sink exceed the CPU's weight limit), heat capacity is small, and it is easy to oxidize. Pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly. The aluminum alloy used can provide sufficient hardness. The advantages of aluminum alloy are cheap and light, but heat-conducting of the  aluminum heat sink profile is much worse than copper. Some heat sink take their own strength and embed a piece of copper plate on the base plate of the aluminum alloy heat sink .

Lori copper heatsink

Copper heat sinks that provide by Lori can be standard  and custom designed. For custom copper heat sinks, we can design according to the customer's thermal demand  or we can manufacture according to the customer's design. Copper heat sink are widely used, such as computer heat sink, copper cpu heatsink, BGA heat sink, server heat sink, car heat sink, etc. Our copper heat sink have a large capacity and can provide customers with tens of thousands of copper heat sink for one month. Lori high quality copper heatsink has got the majority of customer trusts and praise.Copper heatsink manufacturing process included as below:

Copper skived heat sink

Copper skived heatsink by using a copper profile to make the copper base and copper fin. To skiving the full copper material into a thin and straight fin.

Copper stamping heat sink

The coppers fin are stamped and sodring with heat pipe  and copper base. also add an anti-oxidation coating.

Copper bonded fin heatsink

This copper bonded fin heat sink is composed of a copper heat sink base and aluminum fins, and aluminum fins are disposed on the base. 

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