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China heat sink

China Heat Sink

Lori is a professional heatsink manufacturer in china. China heat sink material mainly includes copper and aluminum, so we have china aluminum heat sink and copper heat sink. The shape of the china aluminum extrusion heat sink contains a square and round heat sink extrusion, our heat sinks are widely applied to led aerospace, automotive,  drone, consumer goods, electronics, military, telecommunications and other industries.

China heat sink technologies includes skiving, extrusion, folding, etc. So heatsink types in China are as follows.

China copper skived fin heat sink

China folded fin heat sink

China aluminum extrusion heat sink

China aluminum heat sink

China aluminum heat sink material mainly includes 6063 t5 aluminum, 6061 aluminum, 6060 aluminum, etc. The main aluminum heat sink manufacturing processes include skiving, aluminum extrusion, stamping, folding, bonded fin, stacked fin, etc.

China Copper Heat Sink

Lori is a china heat sink manufacturer. Our copper heat sinks mainly use pure copper, that is, red copper, which has good thermal conductivity. The main processes of china copper heat sink include skiving, folding, stamping, bonding, cnc machining, and etc.

Lori is china heat sink manufacturers, Welcome to custom  heat sink !

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