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Friction Welding Liquid Cold Plate

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a pure mechanical, continuous solid phase connection method. During friction stir welding, the stirring head is rotated into the welder, friction between the stirring head and the welded material generates friction heat, which makes the material thermoplasticized. When the stirring head moves forward the interface to be welded, the thermoplastic material is transferred from the front to the back of the stirring head, and the solid phase connection between the workpiece is realized under the mechanical forging of the head.

Friction welding process is widely used in the production of liquid cold plate, Lori is an expert cold plate friction stir welding. Friction welding liquid cold plate through friction welding, can achieve the same thickness but larger than the embedded tube flow, and further reduce the thermal resistance. Especially in dealing with complex flow channels and some of the high and low flow channel is more flexible.The maximum size of our company's friction stir welding process can reach 1500*1500mm, and the welding depth is 26mm. The material is suitable for aluminum, copper, etc.

As the overall material is basically the same after welding, more surface treatment methods can be selected, such as chromate, conductive oxidation, anode, nickel plating, etc.

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