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Choose Lori, We are one of professional  liquid cold plate manufacturers  in liquid cooling with the experience and ingenuity to solve the most demanding thermal management challenges. To meet all your requirements, Lori has more than 10 years of liquid cooling production experience, an experienced engineering team, high quality manufacturing and strong customer service to provide high-performance, reliable and cost-effective liquid cooling solutions.

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Professional  liquid cold plate manufacturers

1. More than 10 years of heat dissipation industry experience, rich engineering expertise, can optimize technical solutions

Our engineering team has many years of experience in water cooling and cooperation with customers, Lori becomes an extension of your engineering team. Working with you, our team can not only optimize the design, but also help finalize the product specifications to meet the overall needs of customers. We have made significant contributions to reducing customer development schedules, including tradeoff research and specification development.

2. Free cold plate thermal simulation analysis

Lori has senior heat dissipation R & D personnel, the use of international advanced thermal simulation software, for customers personalized cooling needs to provide free thermal simulation analysis, greatly save your R & D cycle and development prototype costs.

 3. Advanced production equipment to ensure the quality of liquid cold plate

Lori has advanced production equipment and inspection equipment, strictly comply with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system standard operation, liquid cold plate performance stability, reliable quality, in line with the requirements of ROHS, REACH.

4. Factory direct sales, high cost performance

Based on excellent quality and competitive price, our product sales network all over the world, we establish a long-term good relationship of cooperation with many well-known enterprises and research school to .

  1. 5. Perfect after-sales service

The professional and excellent after-sales service team provides you with one-to-one service free of charge to solve all the problems of technology and products for you.

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We welcome contact and visit us from our customers. Please contact our sales department at to set up a facility tour or to discuss your liquid cooling requirements.

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