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Lori energy storage inverter cooling solution

An energy storage inverter is a device that can convert electrical energy into electrical energy that can be stored by an energy storage battery. It plays a very important role in energy storage systems, improving energy efficiency, balancing grid loads, and providing backup power in the event of a power outage. However, because the energy storage inverter will generate a lot of heat during the working process, the heat dissipation of the inverter has become an important problem to be solved. In order to ensure the normal operation and safety of the energy storage inverter, the heat dissipation problem must be fully considered and solved. The design of the heat dissipation solution should be able to effectively reduce the temperature of the inverter, improve its working efficiency, and extend the service life of the inverter. A common cooling solution is to use air cooling. Heat dissipation fins and heat dissipation holes are arranged on the inverter housing to conduct the heat generated inside the inverter to the outside and dissipate through natural convection or forced convection. This solution is simple and easy, the cost is relatively low, but the heat dissipation effect may not be ideal. In order to improve the heat dissipation effect, the liquid cooling solution can be used. The liquid cooling solution provides heat dissipation pipes inside the inverter housing to conduct the heat generated inside the inverter to the liquid coolant, and then releases the heat through the external radiator. This solution can effectively reduce the inverter temperature and improve the heat dissipation efficiency, but the cost is relatively high.

Energy Storage System Inverter Heatsink Simulation

Lori is committed to becoming a leader in the field of heat dissipation management in the field of new energy vehicles, and has rich experience in the research and development of energy storage inverter heat dissipation technology. Through in-depth discussions between Lori thermal design engineers and automotive technicians, we can help new energy vehicle enterprises solve heat dissipation problems. The following is the inverter simulation model of Lori , composed of inverter modules. Energy storage system inverter heatsink simulation diagram. Need more new energy storage inverter heat dissipation solution please contact us!

Lori's Liquid Cooling Center

For the heat dissipation requirements of energy storage system inverters, Lori Technology can provide liquid cooling technology developed by energy storage system inverters according to customer requirements.

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