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Liquid cold plate is a kind efficient heat sink of IGBT, GTO and other power elements. It can control the temperature of the power module so that it does not exceed the maximum temperature specified in the standard and specification under the working conditions. The calculation of the maximum permissible temperature is based on the finite element thermal analysis and the analysis of the working conditions of the components, and is consistent with the reliability requirements of the products and the requirements of the operating environment. So as to achieve the power module safe, stable and reliable operation and extend the service life of the equipment. High-power dissipated electronic equipment is often used to control the hot spot temperature by forcing the liquid cold plate device of liquid cooling. The water cooling heatsink is made of copper or aluminum with high thermal conductivity. The water circulation system is embedded into the liquid cooling plate, and the electronic components are fixed directly on the water cooling plate. Compared with the air cooled system, the heat capacity of water is four times that of air, so the water cooled system has a good thermal load capacity, and at the same temperature rise and mass flow rate, the heat absorbed by water is four times that of air.

In the power electronics control, transformation, driving, and signal transmission fields, cooling challenges have become the major constraint for the idealization of product developments. Liquid cooling techniques became the thermal management approach of priority. LORI as one of liquid cold plate manufacturers providing all around liquid cooling plate thermal solutions and we also provide you with the thermal heat sink design, structural design, pipework assembly design of liquid and water cooled plate  and one-stop supplementary services.

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Liquid Cold Plate Technologies Include


Brazing liquid cold plate

Brazing liquid cold plate for IGBT high power chip heat dissipation, the traditional aluminum cold plate features an aluminum plate fluid cooling channel internal optimization. Creating aluminum plates and seals inside the channels to avoid leaks is not a cost-effective solution. LORI's patented blister solution represents an important innovation in cold plate manufacturing. In the bubble cold plate channel fluid cooling is obtained by brazing aluminum sheet to thick aluminum plate stamping.The thick plate form of the front of the cold plate electrical equipment is placed.The lack of internal channels means the plates are suitable for any drilling design.Print form on the back of the cold plate.The stamping design is optimized to obtain the best cooling performance and the minimum pressure drop of coolant.The brazing process ensures that the sealing structure has no leakage problem.We manufacture, test and certify 100% of the inside-free.This makes high-volume production bubbles an especially cost-effective solution.Once a bubble stamping tool is available this technique is cost-effective for mass production.By using one or more tables, the bubbles can be adjusted to the customer base plate size.This allows for a flexible alternative to traditional technical solutions. Different options of liquid cooling heat sink accessories (location, type, size, quantity) can be used upon request to further enhance the flexibility of our products.


Milled Liquid Cold Plate

The milled liquid cold plate is through the milling of an aluminum plate. Channel sealed aluminum brazing on another thin or thick plate. Brazing technology ensures perfect plate seal and 100% production testing. The equipment can be placed anywhere on both sides of the cold plate. The cold plate design is necessary to make the path path compatible with the drilling layout. The design is very flexible and can work with almost any size or thermal requirements. Current production ranges from 30x30 mm to 500 x600 mm. Ideal difficult geometry and shape. Only a few tools are usually required, so it works with a limited number of volumes or prototypes.


Hi-Contact Liquid Cold Plate

This process liquid cold plate is suitable for the opposite aluminum wet channel when using copper tubes (when special liquid cold plate is required). In this case the cost of embedding a copper tube aluminum cold plate is the cost on a complete copper cold plate. Both sides of the aluminum plate processing and positioning device. The cold plate design is necessary to avoid interference between the copper pipe and the well layout, and it is not possible to bend the pipe in complex or overlapping shapes. Sealing is guaranteed for 100% production testing.


Friction Stir Welded Liquid Cold Plate 

The FSW liquid cold plate base material is AL6061, the cover plate adopts aluminum profile, and the fin of aluminum profile is used as the rib in the flow passage. After welding, a whole is formed, and the heat dissipation results of both sides. Both heat dissipation efficiency and space saving are very effective. For IGBT, TEC and other areas with high power and high density, this is a good design choice.


Vacuum Brazed Liquid Cold Plate

Vacuum brazing cold plate refers to a kind of water cooling plate that combines the base plate and cover plate and heats them in vacuum chamber, melts the solder material under the corresponding technological conditions, connects the basic and cover plate as a whole, and forms a flow channel inside. The vacuum system can be connected to the workpiece so that the pressure inside the workpiece is lower than the atmospheric pressure during brazing.


For vacuum brazing water cold plate, it has the following advantages :

1. No flux is needed, which significantly improves the corrosion resistance of the product.

2. It saves a lot of expensive metal flux and does not need complicated flux cleaning process, which reduces the production cost.

3. The wetting and fluidity of vacuum fiber welding materials are good, which can weld more complex structures and narrow channels. Especially, the vacuum brazing coal can improve the product yield and obtain a firm and clean working face.

LORI’s micro channel vacuum brazing water cooled plate, 300*300mm up to 3mm, material can use 1060\3003\6061, etc. Complex structures and narrow channels. Especially,  the vacuum brazing coal can improve the product yield and obtain a firm and clean working face.

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