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LED Active Cooling Solutions

LED lights have the advantages of high visible light, low radiant energy and no infrared or ultraviolet light, making them the most efficient light source in the lighting market today. Although compared with traditional incandescent lights, they consume much less power, but the LED in the process of converting electronic photons will still create a considerable amount of heat, so it must be send out to go out. To maintain the best light output and maximize the service life of the LED, if LED lights can't transfer the heat, high temperature can cut the life of the LED lights by half. Temperatures above the maximum rated point quickly weaken the lumen output and the color quality of the LED lights.

Active cooling solution is an effective way to manage LED cooling

LED components and their drive electronics creat a lot of heat, and by dissipating the heat from the LED light source, the efficiency and life of the light source can be multiplied. Thermal management is the key factor of lumen output. For high lumen output applications. Although passive cooling heat sinks is sufficient for typical LED applications, passive cooling is not enough for high-brightness led lights and high power LED lights, so designers of LED lights should consider active cooling. In order to achieve the required lumen values with a small size factor, active cooling is the ideal solution for efficiently dispersing the heat generated by the LED components. Along with a heatsink, active cooling includes a subsystem, usually in the form of a fan, to force air over the heatsink, also known as forced air cooling.

In most cases, the designer can choose between passive or active cooling. Passive cooling uses natural air conduction and convection, also known as natural cooling, usually supplemented by heat sinks to accelerate both.The heat sink can solve the thermal management problem of low lumen LED light. However, a heat sink alone cannot cool 75 W or 100 W equivalent LED lights. Even if a heat sink had been designed for the application, the designer might have found it too large, expensive, and unwieldy.

Active cooling solution is an effective way to manage LED cooling. Dissipating heat directly from the core of the module reduces thermal resistance, making the entire led heat sink assembly more efficient. Especially for high brightness leds, active cooling technology provides better thermal performance than passive heat sink and improves performance, while greatly reducing the size of LED lighting fixtures, reducing total cost, increasing light output and extending LED life.


Using industry leading compact fans and components, Lori provides the perfect cooling solution for your LED applications. One of Lori's most important advantages over the life of LED lights is the reliability of our products. Active cooling solutions improve the life of LED lights, and LED active heat sinks are now the most efficient cooling solutions for high power LED lights.

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