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Copper heat sink

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Weight, life span and cost aside, let's just talk about heat dissipation, and make a simple comparison between the physical properties of pure copper and pure aluminum. People think that copper has a strong thermal conductivity, because the thermal conductivity of copper is much higher than that of aluminum. But the stand or fall that a heat sink comes loose ability considers the heat conduction coefficient of material only concerned not only, still come loose with the condition such as the shape of area, heat sink, air flow.

Lori's copper heat sink that  can be standard  and custom designed. For copper heat sinks, we can design according to the customer's thermal demand  or we can manufacture according to the customer's design. Copper heat sink are widely used, such as computer heat sink, copper cpu heat sink, BGA heat sink, server heat sink, car heat sink, etc. Copper heat sink can be made by different kinds of process, such us extrution, skiving, stamping, cnc machining. Our copper heat sink have a large capacity and can provide customers with tens of thousands of copper heat sink for one month. Lori high quality copper heat sink has got the majority of customer trusts and praise.

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