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Defense electronics


As the key equipment of radar, transmitter has high power density and good heat dissipation effect.With the development of modern radar technology and the continuous progress of power device manufacturing technology, the assembly density and power density of radar transmitter are constantly increasing.Large phased array radar T/R power components, airborne high-power transmitters, fourth-generation solid-state transmitters, and spaceborne T/R components all put forward higher requirements for cooling.Feasible cooling method and excellent cooling effect have become more and more important support for the whole radar with high reliability index.

The influence of temperature on the performance of radar system is very important.Too high and too low temperature will lead to the failure of electronic components, and then make the whole radar equipment failure. In the high-power radar transmitter, the influence of temperature on the device performance is more prominent. 

Liquid cooling plate is a cooling method in which the thermal conductivity and specific heat of liquid are relatively large, which can greatly reduce the thermal resistance of each heat exchange link.Liquid cooling has high heat flux, uniform heat load, small temperature gradient and compact structure.

Lori technology after more than 10 years of research and development design, has a very mature liquid cooling cooling technology.

At present, liquid cooling plate can be divided into direct liquid cooling and indirect liquid cooling.Direct liquid cooling can be divided into immersion direct liquid cooling and direct forced liquid cooling;Immersion direct liquid cooling is mainly used for high-power high-voltage devices in the transmitter, such as soaking the cathode of klystron, high-voltage transformer, inductor and silicon pile in the cooling liquid to remove the heat belt.Direct forced liquid cooling is widely used in high-power transmitters, such as klystron collector, tube body, output window, wire package, isolator and anode of orthogonal field tube.Foreign microwave power module (MPM), in order to reduce the volume, reduce the weight and solve the heat dissipation problem of high heat density, also use direct forced liquid cooling.When adopting indirect liquid cooling method, the cooling liquid does not contact with the cooled device, but is made into liquid cold plate and pipeline to take away the heat indirectly. This method is mainly used for high-power solid state components, especially high-power T/R components, and transistor modules.The key technology of transmitter forced liquid cooling system is liquid cooling component and accurate flow distribution.

Electronic optical instrument

Electronic optical instruments can generally be divided into two categories: observation instruments, which use the human eye as a receiver of light information, and photogrammetric instruments, which use photographic film to record scene information.Ordinary optical instruments mainly consist of optical system (objective lens, rotating lens, splitter lens, eyepiece, etc.), lens barrel and precision mechanical parts.The optical system of observation and measurement instrument is mainly the telescopic system, which can magnify the visual Angle and enable people to see the scenery in the distance for convenience of measurement and aiming.The optical system of photographic instruments is mainly photographic objective lens. In order to adapt to different application requirements, a variety of lenses such as large aperture, long focal length and zoom length have been developed.Military visible light instruments mainly include telescope, artillery mirror, steering wheel, periscope, scope, rangefinder, optical theodolite, camera, interpretation instrument, etc.After the development of technology, the infrared, light, laser and other advanced technology of optoelectronic instrument, the instrument for the cooling requirements, the extruded aluminum heat sink and heat pipe heat sink has been widely used in the optoelectronic instrument, the optical instruments with hd images, easy to use and low cost is becoming more and more, is an important part of weapon system of form a complete set equipment.


Electronic system is one of the most important systems in modern aerospace engineering.Aerospace aircraft electronic equipment is characterized by small size, light weight, small power consumption, high efficiency, long life.Due to the complexity of space equipment, also the particularity of temperature requirements.The faster thermal issue of electronic devices can more effectively ensure the safety and reliability of space vehicles.

Aircraft equipment cooling system refers to the electronic equipment for cooling of electronic equipment on the shelf, also including the cockpit of the CB panel and main panel cooling, cooling medium for cabin exhaust equipment. Electronic equipment cooling system includes a cooling gas exhaust pipe and cooling, the main functions of the gas supply piping components for air supply fan, low air flow sensor, the exhaust pipe on the functional components of exhaust fan, low air flow sensor and air vent valve.With the continuous development of aircraft, the number of electronic equipment is increasing, and the thermal issue of electronic equipment is also increasing. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment, the cooling problem of electronic equipment is also paid attention to, and the thermal issue of aluminum extrusion and heat pipe, which are commonly used at present, are not enough.

Lori technology of water-cooled cooling effect is better than air cooling system, the cooling efficiency high, can significantly reduce the hardware is working temperature, water heat pipes can customize any size and specifications, with water-cooled heat transfer rate is 20 times more than traditional air cooling mode, can solve the problem of several hundred to several kilowatts of thermal issue, in the aerospace industry has a broad application prospect.

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