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Lori heat sink designed for BGA package 

Lori provide a new cooling solution for IC with ball gate array (BGA) packaging. The new BGA heat sink is targeted at traditional high capacity motherboards, video CARDS and networking card applications.

Lori company provides standard and OEM BGA cooling solutions. Low-end customized products include accessories, interface materials and fans selected by customers. Other customization services include decorative and structural modifications to fins, as well as tagging and graphics.

The company also supports BGA emerging markets such as personal computers and consumer electronics products with high-end design optimizations that meet thermal performance requirements and brand objectives such as providing OEM customers with images that reflect the company or brand.

In addition, the company supports existing OEM designs that integrate BGA packaging with thermal solutions for graphics and mechanical design services, thermal analysis, mechanical analysis, thermal detection and fan life detection.For customers in the early stages of design, Lori offers design engineering support, testing equipment, and full prototyping capabilities to ensure rapid design cycles.

Bga heatsink type and features 

Bga heat sink have various type, such as Bga extruded fin heatsink ,Bga aluminum extruded fin heatsink,Bga aluminum round pin heatsink,Bga aluminum square pin fin heatsink,Bga aluminum copper pin heatsink,Bga fan heatsink, Bga plate fin heat sink, Bga push pin heat sink, Bga heat sink with cross cutting, etc.


1. Aluminum BGA  heat sink is low profile.

  • 2. high efficiency cooling product which is ideal for linear air flow environments.
  • 3. made from thermal conductivity 6063-T5 aluminum for optimum heat transfer
  • 4. Designed specifically for BGA and other surface mount packages
  • 5. Finished with black or silver anodized.

Bga heat sinks  examples


LR0140BGAAluminumCross Cut121210View
LR0139BGAAluminumCross Cut2414
SR9324BGAAluminumCross Cut20
SR9325BGAAluminumPush Fin25
LR0133BGAAluminumCross Cut28
SR9321BGAAluminumPush Fin353510View
SR9323BGAAluminumCross Cut40.540.510View
SR9322BGAAluminumPlate Fin505010

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