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Natural Cooling

natural convection cooling overview

The heat source in the natural environment, heat is released into the air by convection and radiation, called natural convection cooling. Natural convection cooling is one of the most reliable and common cooling methods, although its heat dissipation performance is not as good as that of forced convection and the surface heat transfer coefficient of natural convection is relatively low (<10W/ k-㎡), it has been widely used in society due to its advantages of no additional energy supply, reliable and stable performance, high safety, no noise and low manufacturing cost. It is a natural cooling method that uses the high thermal conductivity of materials ( extruded aluminum material ) to take away heat and dissipate it into the air. Even if there is no specific wind speed requirements, by using the natural convection heat sink which are copper and aluminum heat sink plate, aluminum extruded parts, cnc folded, bonded, stacked Fin, machined heat sink or die casting heat sink to realize the cooling of product. To improve the performance of natural heat sinks, the surface area of heat sinks should be as large as the application permits. Radiation also plays a major role in the performance of natural heat sinks, so heat sinks should be anodized or painted. This surface treatment improves the surface emissivity, or its ability to radiate heat to other objects in the environment.


Lori natural convection cooling technology development and solution

Lori focus on high power heat sink and we have achieved some new break throughs in the research and development of natural convection cooling technology in recent years, for example, we have developde high density skived fin technology, and realize the ultra thin fins, ultra small spacing, and high aspect ratio for the production of main structure of the heat sink, can fully replace bonded fin technology since it has larger heat dissipation area, onestep forming, 100% higher thermal conductivity of the profile, higher the heat dissipation performance; In the process innovation of heatsink extrusion profiles , the most advanced friction welding technology is adopted to solve the technical bottleneck that extrusion profile cannot meet the needs of ultra-wide body heat dissipation, and to achieve the breakthrough of greater heat dissipation power and structure and so on.

With continuous innovation in thermal technology, Lori has conducted in-depth research on natural cooling, realizing higher heat dissipation performance and providing customers with better thermal solution.

1. Extruded technique: Aluminum extruded heat sink, aluminum alloy heat sink, copper & aluminum heat sink


2. Material joining techniques: Friction welding heat sink, Stacked fin heat sink, bonded fin heat sink


3. Skived fin technuques, aluminum skived heat sink, copper skived fin heat sink


4. Forging techniques: cold forging heat sink, sunflower heat sink


5. Machining techniques: machined heat sink, lathed aluminum heat sink, lathed copper heat sink


6. Die casting techniques: die casting heat sink, casting heat sink


Lori's natural cooling have been widely used in different industrils. For example, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) cooling, special power source coolling, high and medium voltage inverter coolling, solar energy energy storage coolling, power battery coolling, rail transit motor coolling, Led lighting, BGA and so on.

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