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High performance heat sink

High Performance Heat Sink

In modern power electronics assemblies, such as components found in drive systems or frequency converters, the performance increases with the increase of surface area. As a result, more heat is produced, which must be dissipated to protect the electronics from degradation or damage. To this end, we optimize the production process, design and produce high performance and efficient heat sink, such as high performance aluminum skiving fin heatsinkbonded fin heat sink, stacked fin heat sink, water cooling heat sink, and combined with the fan or heat pipe, installed in the electronic equipment, can achieve rapid heat dissipation.

Lori is one of the manufacturers of cooling solutions for space, flight, power industry, electron, military,communications, and so on. Our main goal is to design suitable solutions for the challenging thermal applications of power electronics and mechanical development engineers. 

For air cooling, heat dissipation with or without a fan is achieved through extended surfaces called fins.For liquid cooling, a specially designed internal cooling circuit is used to remove the heat. The heat pipe can be used to upgrade the air-cooled design to liquid cooling performance.The reliability and service life of each electronic circuit depends on the operating temperature, which highlights the importance of adequate and high performance cooling.


Different types of high performance heat sinks

The following is an introduction to our different types of high performance heat sinks.

High performance liquid cooling plate

For optimal thermal heat sink cooling performance, Lori offers a full range of liquid cooled heat sink and cold plate design applications that can meet your high power needs.With today's smaller and more powerful power equipment, liquid cooling has become the best thermal soluion. Packaging can be compact, less noisy, and semiconductors can be expected to a longer life due to lower operating temperatures.

High perfermance Bonded fin heat sink

Lori can offer customers complete freedom in the design and manufacturing of our Bonded fin heat sinks. Each bonded heat sink is built to meet the specific needs of customer. For bonded fin vs extruded, the bonded fin heat sink can dissipate two – three times more heat than the average extruded heat sink by adding 200% to 300% to the cooling surface area. There are two fin styles – folded fin and single fin. Fin height, fin thickness and fin density can be used in myriad combinations to get the heat sink performance of your customers deserve.

High performance stacked fin heat sink for power electronics

In modern electronic components, in smaller and smaller spaces, the demand for heat dissipation is increasing, thanks to our heat sink technology, you can improve the heat dissipation performance of power supply equipment without reducing the cost and size.

Lori offers you a series of high performance heat sinks made of aluminum stacked and pressed single fins, manufactured and designed exclusively by us, with highperformance and outstanding structural integrity through our unique installation process. Our stacked fin heat sinks are widely used in traction applications, windmill and power supply design.

We also provide custom heatsink designs to meet any customer requirements, combining our full expertise and capabilities with our high performance and efficient heat sink innovation and common construction technology

In order to provide the performance of the natural convection heat sink, we can embed heat pipe in the heat sink, heat pipe is a kind of super heat conductor, the equipment of the thermal conductivity is higher than the same size of pure copper components more than 300 times. The heat pipe heat transfer by using the theory of heat conduction and rapid heat transfer characteristics of refrigerant, the heat from the heated object, through the heat pipe is passed to the heat source. Embedded heat pipe can achieve the overall performance of the heat sink, heat pipe technology to make the heat sink even at low speed, low air volume of the motor, don't even need to fan, also fully use the natural cooling mode, can obtain satisfactory cooling effect, thus well solve the problem of the air-cooled heat noise and power supply module of heat dissipation problem. Such a high performance heat sink, we usually called the heat pipe heat sink.

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